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  1. 127- The Sound of Sports | 99% Invisible

    Way back in October 2011 (see episode #38, true believers!), we broadcast a short excerpt of a radio documentary produced by Peregrine Andrews about faking the sounds of sports on TV broadcasts. It was one of our most popular and provocative programs ever, primarily because people were shocked that any aspect of a sporting event might be faked. Since then, I’ve received several requests from the audience asking where they can hear the full-length documentary. Well today, my friends, you are in luck.

    When we think of the sound of sports on TV or radio, it’s generally commentary. But sports broadcasts would be nothing without all the sounds that are behind the commentary– the crowds, the kicks, the thwacks, and the grunts.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:01:49 — 56.7MB)


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  2. 12: Don’t Call Me

    Tiffany Arment joins Moisés to talk about wedding photography. Whether suffering the basement of a church or guests determined to make it look like prom in 1982, make sure at all times to ignore Uncle Morty.Photo credit: some guy named MarcoSponsored byHarry’s: they’re already disrupting the shaving industry by offering a much better shaving experience at a much better value. Use promo code THANKYOU for $5 off.Drobo: mass storage for the masses. Use offer code MOISES for $50 off Drobo 5D or 5NGuest Tiffany Arment is "tiffanyarment" all over the internet: .com, on Twitter, on Instagram, and so on.Show Notes and LinksThe post-show we recorded (mostly about theatre) ran so long that it is still in post. As in "ran longer than the "actual" show. It’s a good listen, promise. When it’s up, it’ll be "Test Pattern #10".Tiffany’s assistant photographer (also husband, turns out) Marco recently tried his hand at programming an "app" for listening to "podcasts". Over half of ESN listeners now use it, based on our stats.


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  3. Big Picture Science

    You are surrounded by products.

    Most of them, factory-made.

    Yet there was a time when building things by hand was commonplace, and if something stopped working, well, you jumped into the garage and fixed it, rather than tossing it into the circular file.

    Participants at the Maker Faire are bringing back the age of tinkering, one soldering iron and circuit board at a time.

    Meet the 12-year old who built a robot to solve his Rubik’s Cube, and learn how to print shoes at home.

    Yes, “print.”

    Plus, the woman who started Science Hack Day … the creation of a beard-slash-cosmic-ray detector … the history of the transistor … and new materials that come with nervous systems: get ready for self-healing concrete.

    (Photo is a model of the first transistor built in 1947 at the Bell Telephone Labs in New Jersey that led to a Nobel Prize.

    Today’s computers contain many million transistors … but they’re a lot smaller than this one, which is about the size of a quarter. Credit: Seth Shostak.)


    Lucy Beard – Founder of Feetz

    Mark Miodownik – Materials scientist, director of the Institute of Making, University College, London, and author of Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World

    Steve Nelson – Team K.I.S.S. Robotics, maker of Beer2D2

    Dan Lankford – Managing director, Wavepoint Ventures

    Ariel Waldman – Founder, Spacehack.org, global instigator of Science Hack Day

    Saurabh Narain – 12 year-old participant in Maker Faire

    Descripción en español


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  4. The @jsnell Anthology: TCG 2014: Podcasting and Theatre

    I got a chance to speak with David J. Loehr at the annual Theatre Communications Group conference in San Diego on June 21, 2014. This is basically a session in which we evangelize the podcast medium, encourage creative uses of the medium by theatre companies, and talk a little about the technical aspects of putting a podcast together.


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  5. Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast : Guy Cocker’s Video Games Podcast Episode 10 - 24 June 2013 - Mobile Games Special - Barry Meade, Simon Oliver, Dan Gray

    It’s a mobile games special this week, as Guy is joined by Fireproof Games’ Barry Meade (The Room), handcircus’ Simon Oliver (Rolando) and ustwo’s Dan Gray (Blip Blup), who answer all your mobile questions and talk about the week’s gaming news.

    For the full episode show notes, please check out the shared document here, and remember to subscribe (and leave a review!) on iTunes, and follow Guy on Twitter.


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