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Pt 7 : Thought and Poetry (Part 1)

"The central fact of my life has been the existence of words and the possibility of weaving those words into poetry." Jorge Luis Borges, This Craft of Verse

These are the six Norton Lectures that Jorge Luis Borges delivered at Harvard University in the fall of 1967 and spring of 1968. The recordings, only lately discovered in the Harvard University Archives, uniquely capture the cadences, candor, wit, and remarkable erudition of one of the most extraordinary and enduring literary voices of our age. Through a twist of fate that the author of Labyrinths himself would have relished, the lost lectures return to us now in Borges’ own voice.

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  1. Thought and Poetry (Part 1)

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  2. Jorge Luis Borges Norton Lectures #7: Thought and Poetry (Part 1)

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  3. This Craft Of Verse: Thought And Poetry (part 1)

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