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I am a web designer, tea drinker, sushi eater, and I make noise as one half of Partly Zombish. I currently live in Buffalo, NY.

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  1. The economics of wellbeing – Politics for humans podcast | US news | The Guardian

    This week, we try to get a sense of what role the economy will play in the upcoming presidential election by talking to actual voters in Wisconsin

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  2. Upgrade #106: I’ve Reached Acceptance - Relay FM

    Live from Portland, Jason and Myke are joined by Stephen Hackett to cover a lot of follow-up from last week’s Apple announcements.

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  3. Upgrade #105: The Illusion of Clicking - Relay FM

    Jason returns from the Apple Sept. 7 media event and is immediately questioned by Myke about the new iPhone 7, Apple Watch series 2, EarPods and AirPods, and all the other announcements.

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  4. Upgrade #104: I Really Do Want to Win - Relay FM

    An Apple event is happening next week! So it’s time for Jason and Myke to make their predictions for the announcements in the most competitive way possible—by drafting the top 20 announcements they think we’ll see.

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  5. Upgrade #102: Cautionary Tale of Laptops - Relay FM

    This week’s episode was recorded with Jason and Myke in the same room! Before they high five, they discuss iPad keyboards, MacBook Pro upgrades, Castro 2 and podcast innovation, and Tim Cook getting chatty with the press.

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  6. Upgrade #101: It Works Great in California - Relay FM

    This week we discuss Fast Company’s visit to the Apple cafeteria, Mark Gurman’s reappearance as an Apple rumor expert, and Recode’s Apple TV guide rumors, plus Myke reviews the new version of Pocket Casts.

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  7. Under the Radar #36: Should You Release Every App? - Relay FM

    Pros and cons of releasing your personal utility apps, focusing mostly on Mac apps.

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  8. Connected #101: Best Represent Pineapple - Relay FM

    In a stunning break with tradition, Connected tackles the multi-iPad lifestyle and photo management in this week’s episode.

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  9. Free Agents #1: The Temptation of Yes - Relay FM

    In our very first episode, David and Jason discuss narrowing scope and taking on too much work.

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  10. BBC Radio 4 - Computing Britain, Mobile Revolution

    Hannah Fry explores how a British company shrunk chips and made the mobile revolution.

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