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I am a web designer, tea drinker, sushi eater, and I make noise as one half of Partly Zombish. I currently live in Buffalo, NY.

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  1. Presentable #1: Catastrophizing the end of the GUI - Relay FM

    Special guest Chris Messina joins the inaugural episode of the show to discuss both the hype and beauty of conversational UIs, messaging apps, and chatbots. Will this herald the end of interface design as we know it? (Spoiler: nope.)

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  2. Clockwise #137: You’re All American - Relay FM

    Google I/O keynote reaction! Google Home v. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant v. Siri, Allo and Duo, and Android Wear 2 v. Apple Watch. Guests Anze Tomic and Caitlin McGarry.

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  3. Introducing Apple Talk, a new, in-depth industry analysis podcast from iMore! | iMore

    Welcome to Apple Talk, a new podcast from iMore. Apple Talk focuses on in-depth industry analysis and critique of Apple and related companies. Every show, Michael Gartenberg, Serenity Caldwell, Rene Ritchie, and guests dive deep into the most important story of the week. And it all starts with a look at Apple’s iPhone business with special guest Mr. John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

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  4. Disruption #1: We Crashed The Isometric Starship - Relay FM

    Do you know what Disruption is? Don’t worry, neither do we! But we do tell you how to dominate the new Sailor Moon phone game, why Sprint wasn’t thinking when they released their latest ad, and how to sleep better despite staring at screens all day.

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  5. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #143: Emotional Design with Aarron Walter

    Aarron Walter and Jeffrey Zeldman discuss launching a design education initiative at

    InVision, building a UX practice at MailChimp, putting design at the heart of strategy, managing teams, the secret life of Walt Disney, and more.

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  6. Connected #87: Ticci on the Scene - Relay FM

    A sleep-deprived Myke joins Federico and Stephen to talk about WWDC, new MacBooks and App Store search.

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  7. 99% Invisible — Responsive Web Design

    If you like podcasts and responsive design, you might like us—but you will LOVE this episode with Kurt Kohlstedt and Andrea Tomingas from 99% Invisible.

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  8. Cortex #26: Pick your Poison - Relay FM

    Grey is frustrated with to-do apps, Myke is frustrated by passport control, and they both take another look at their homescreens.

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  9. Laying Out the Future with Rachel Andrew | The Web Ahead

    Jen Simmons, host and executive producer

    As a full-stack designer since 1996, with expertise in HTML & CSS, my projects include front-end development work for CERN, design work for Google and the W3C, and clients from Mark Boulton Design to the Annenberg Foundation. My career has been an eclectic blend of award-winning short films, print design, theatre, audio-mixing for live shows, and speaking. I’m deeply interested in content structure and innovating page layout. The Web Ahead was born of a desire for us to empower and challenge one another as we make the web.

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  10. Steve Maxwell: Mind Control, Minimalism & Legendary Jiu-Jitsu | Align Therapy ep. 48

    Steve Maxwell is a world-renowned fitness coach, jiu-jitsu black belt under Relson Gracie and first instructor in the USA of kettlebells. HIs resume is impressive to say the least and we get into how he went from living the ‘American Dream’ to downsizing to a backpack and traveling the globe teaching workshops and experiencing Earth. We tap into how to control your mind to

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