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  1. Connected #257: Relay FM Family Feud - Relay FM

    Live in San Francisco, Stephen and Myke are joined by Jason Snell and nearly 20 other Relay FM hosts to celebrate the network’s 5th anniversary by playing a game of Family Feud, with answers provided by over 3,000 podcast listeners.


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  2. Cortex #75: Home Again - Relay FM

    Myke has lots of music to share, Grey unveils the mystery of his Home Screen, and they both have new Apple Devices.


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  3. Upgrade #210: Tennis Macs - Relay FM

    Jason’s back from the Apple event to discuss today’s events with Myke. A new watch! New phones with confusing names! Surprises and reveals! And of course, the results of the 2018 Apple iPhone Event Draft!


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  4. Connected #204: Tennessee Can’t Get Me - Relay FM

    Stephen and Myke kick off iPhone and iPad rumor season, then talk through some recent app news and Apple’s cancellation of the App Store Affiliate Program.


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  5. Upgrade #203: I Have Felt the Power of the Snell Zone - Relay FM

    Federico Viticci and Serenity Caldwell join Jason and Myke to dive deep into how we use our iPads for business as well as creative pursuits, including writing and illustration.


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  6. Upgrade #196: Workflow Siren - Relay FM

    Live from WWDC, Jason and Myke break down the major announcements for iOS, macos, and watchOS, including a close result in the Upgrade Keynote Draft, the emergence of user automation on iOS via Siri, and potentially big changes to the Mac App Store


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  7. Connected #195: A Conference for Liars - Relay FM

    The WWDC Happy-o-meter is back! Come along with Stephen, Myke and Federico on a trail of joyful wishes and hopeful dreams.


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  8. Upgrade #193: This is Stephen Hackett’s Fault - Relay FM

    The 25th anniversary of BBEdit and a visit with a friend lead Jason to take a deep dive into Mac history, Google shows a disappointing lack of forethought in its AI demo, and the future of TV is apparently Apple’s TV app.


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  9. Upgrade #189: Obsolescence Isn’t What It Used to Be - Relay FM

    Special Guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to discuss the weather, old speakers, Apple’s latest TV acquisition, the long slow fade of 32-bit Mac apps, and the arrival of a new version of his favorite iOS writing app.


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  10. Upgrade #173: The 2017 Upgrade Holiday Special - Relay FM

    Just in time for Christmas, Jason and Myke look back at 2017 and reveal their 2018 wish lists. Then it’s time for special guests to join us for a round of very special #askupgrade, the first-ever Upgrade Secret Santa, and Myke at the Movies.


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