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I am a web designer, tea drinker, sushi eater, and I make noise as one half of Partly Zombish. I currently live in Buffalo, NY.

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  1. SB Nation — Responsive Web Design

    SB Nation is a network of more than 300 sports websites. Yesenia Perez-Cruz and Sanette Tanaka tell us all about relaunching it on the Vox Media unified platform.

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  2. Jina Anne

    Jina returns to the show to share her experience of working on Salesforce’s legendary Lightning Design System.

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  3. Mac Power Users #387: Workflows with Rene Ritchie - Relay FM

    iMore Editor in Chief Rene Ritchie joins the Mac Power Users this week to share his favorite tools, apps, and workflows for getting work done.

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  4. The Dalrymple Report: With guests John Gruber, Matt Drance, and lots of Heineken

    What do you get when you put John Gruber, Matt Drance, and Jim Dalrymple in a room together with 24 Heineken? A podcast! Sponsor: Backblaze: Unlimited Online…

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  5. Connected #145: LEGO For Shortcuts - Relay FM

    Live from San Jose, the trio talk about the news from a little event known as WWDC.

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  6. Upgrade #144: Don’t Call It the Finder - Relay FM

    Live from San Jose, in the immediate aftermath of the WWDC 2017 Keynote, Jason and Myke break down the entire event. We’ve got new Macs, new iPads, new versions of all of Apple’s operating systems, and the official results of our keynote draft.

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  7. Friendster: Part 2 (Season 5, Episode 3)

    After a turbulent start and the firing of its founder, Friendster looked like it was back on track. It was still the biggest social network around and its board—which was packed with some of the biggest names in venture capital—quickly assembled a star-studded executive team. So, why couldn’t all that talent deliver on the company’s promise? Why aren’t we all logging onto Friendster today? Ask AlexGot a question for Alex Blumberg? Leave us a message at 812-641-1231, and your question could end up on the show.The FactsMark Phillips wrote and performed our theme song.Build Buildings wrote and performed our special ad music.Additional music by Typhoon, Jupyter, Marley Carrol and the band Hot Moms Dot Gov.David Herman, Ian Scott, and Rick Kwan mixed the episode.Our SponsorsVirgin Atlantic - Listen to their podcast, The Venture wherever you get your podcastsSofi - to learn more about student loan refinancing, go to sofi.comSubaru - Meet real Subaru owners and hear their stories on


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  8. Friendster: Part 1 (Season 5, Episode 2)

    In 2003, Jonathan Abrams was sitting atop one of the hottest new companies in Silicon Valley. He and his website were at the forefront of an industry that would eventually be worth more than $400 billion. So, what went wrong?—Ask AlexGot a question for Alex Blumberg? Leave us a message at 812-641-1231, and your question could end up on the show.Our SponsorsBlue Apron - Get 3 free meals with free shipping at - Pipedrive is an easy-to-use sales management tool designed with small teams in mind. Check out to learn moreSonos - Sonos is a smart wireless speaker system. To learn more go to sonos.comSubaru - Meet real Subaru owners and hear their stories on


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  9. Dribbble - Show and tell for designers

    Our guest on Overtime episode 14 is Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. In this episode, Dan and Aaron discuss dropping the jargon and talking about graphic design in normal terms, how Aaron uses Instagram, why he doesn’t waste time policing the internet, why he believes everyone deserves great design, who inspires him, and the challenges of shipping merch and managing work while touring. This episode is brought to you by MyFonts.

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  10. Spotlight: Henri Helvetica — Responsive Web Design

    This week we are joined by freelance developer and web performance advocate Henri Helvetica, who talks about fighting the good fight for faster websites.

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