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I am a web designer, tea drinker, sushi eater, and I make noise as one half of Partly Zombish. I currently live in Buffalo, NY.

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  1. #375: We’ll Have Time (Right?) – The Bitterest Pill

    I go to a wedding, I go to Michigan and I go back in time. It’s good to be back…

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  2. As The Story Grows: Dylan Johnstone of Means and Continuance

    Chapter 178: "We Just Played Every Small Town" …as read by Dylan Johnstone of Means and Continuance


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  3. BangerTV Podcast Episode 1

    More Metal Talk! More Nerdy Stuff! GUESTS! It’s the first episode of the Banger Podcast.

    This episode Blayne Smith & Daniel Dekay talk about the first metal show they went to and their metal journeys.

    They also get Paul Spence on the phone to talk about Nightseeker, Heavy Metal - The Movie and shotgunning beers.

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  4. BangerTV Podcast Episode 2

    Blayne & Daniel talk to Sam Dunn about their first metal records, how they got into metal and how ‘A Headbanger’s Journey’ got made.

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  5. Connected #257: Relay FM Family Feud - Relay FM

    Live in San Francisco, Stephen and Myke are joined by Jason Snell and nearly 20 other Relay FM hosts to celebrate the network’s 5th anniversary by playing a game of Family Feud, with answers provided by over 3,000 podcast listeners.


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  6. FatMan on He-Man: Masters of the Universe Sequel Series on Netflix!

    Live from the 2019 Power-Con, Mattel announces MOTU: Revelation with showrunner Kevin Smith!

    Big thanks to Mattel at Power-Con. For more exclusive #MOTU content Follow these accounts below on Instagram! Follow Mattel on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattel/ Follow Masters Of The Universe on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/masters/


    ——————————————————————————————————————- CONNECT WITH US! For the Audio Podcast: http://www.smodcast.com/channel/fatmanonbatman Follow Kevin Smith on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith Follow Kevin Smith on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/thatkevinsmith

    Tickets for the Reboot Roadshow at: https://rebootroadshow.com/ Tickets for all SModCo shows available at: http://seesmod.com Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash http://jayandsilentbob.com

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  7. I charged $18,000 for a Static HTML Page

    How I charged a company $18,000 for a single page and got away with it. My impostor syndrom kicked in.


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  8. Warforged / Invisible Oranges Interview

    GET ‘I: Voice’ Here: Merch: http://smarturl.it/WARFORGED-VOICE Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/WARFORGED-BANDCAMP

    Bandcamp: https://Warforged.bandcamp.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/Warforgedband Instagram: @warforgedband Twitter: @warforgedband

    Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe! -The Artisan Era

    www.theartisanerastore.com www.theartisanera.com ——————————————————————-

    #warforged #invisibleoranges #interview

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  9. The Bogeyman’s Closet Podcast: Halloween 2009

    In this episode the gang discuss Rob Zombie’s remake of the John Carpenter classic, Halloween. 


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  10. Kevin Smith Reviews Avengers: Endgame - SPOILERS!

    Kevin Smith saw Avengers: Endgame at it’s premiere and gives his thoughts on the film. SPOILERS!

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