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I am a web designer, tea drinker, sushi eater, and I make noise as one half of Partly Zombish. I currently live in Buffalo, NY.

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  1. Upgrade #196: Workflow Siren - Relay FM

    Live from WWDC, Jason and Myke break down the major announcements for iOS, macos, and watchOS, including a close result in the Upgrade Keynote Draft, the emergence of user automation on iOS via Siri, and potentially big changes to the Mac App Store

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  2. Connected #195: A Conference for Liars - Relay FM

    The WWDC Happy-o-meter is back! Come along with Stephen, Myke and Federico on a trail of joyful wishes and hopeful dreams.

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  3. Upgrade #193: This is Stephen Hackett’s Fault - Relay FM

    The 25th anniversary of BBEdit and a visit with a friend lead Jason to take a deep dive into Mac history, Google shows a disappointing lack of forethought in its AI demo, and the future of TV is apparently Apple’s TV app.

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  4. The Menu Bar: Episode 14 - The Mark Gurman Subtweet Memo, With John Gruber — The Menu Bar

    Zac goes one on one with John Gruber to discuss the Apple memo that leaked about Apple leaks, why Beats was a good purchase, why John thinks Netflix might buy Spotify, how Apple might bundle Apple Music and TV shows, iPad productivity low hanging fruit, and more.

    Relevant Leaks:

    [SPONSOR] Away — First Class Luggage at a Coach Price

    Use Promo Code: MENU to take $20 off a suitcase.

    In a Leaked Memo, Apple Warns Employees to Stop Leaking Information - Bloomberg

    Beats Music Commercial full - YouTube

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  5. In the Shadow of the City 2017

    Stories that take place on the edge of civilization, just out of sight.

    An updated version of an episode from 2006. The sci-fi comedy podcast mentioned in the end credits is Mission to Zyxx.

    Prologue Every city’s got a place like this: that weird no man’s land on the outskirts of town, with junk yards and landfills. Charlie Gregerson grew up near that stuff, on Chicago’s far south side, and he remembers finding debris from famous Louis Sullivan masterpieces in the garbage dump after those buildings were demolished. (4 minutes)

    Brooklyn Archipelago ByBrett Martin Out for a simple pleasure cruise with two friends, Alex Zharov was planning to see Jamaica Bay in New York City. But this end-of-the-day excursion, which should have only lasted 40 minutes, turns into an out-of-control adventure that left him lost, stranded, and bleeding—all within sight of the Empire State Building. Brett Martin reports. (23 minutes)

    Song:“Lights” by Journey

    Troubled Bridge Over Water ByMike Paterniti There is a four mile long bridge in Naan-jing China, famous for how many people jump off to commit suicide. In 2003, a man named Chen Sah began spending all of his weekends on the bridge, trying to single handedly stop the jumpers. Reporter Mike Paterniti tells his story of meeting Mr. Chen. A story Paterniti wrote about Mr. Chen appears in GQ Magazine. (15 minutes)

    Song:“Choclolate City” by Roger Troutman

    Yes, In My Backyard ByJorge Just The story of the government cracking down on smokestack emissions at a city factory…even though the residents LIKE the emissions. We hear from Jorge Just, who explains the one, magical, special secret about Chicago no one outside Chicago ever believes is true, from Brian Urbaszewski, Director of Environmental Health Programs for the American Lung Association in Chicago; and from Julie Armitage, Manager of Compliance and Enforcement for the Bureau of Air at the Illinois State EPA. (9 minutes)

    Song:“The Land of Chocolate” by Death By Chocolate

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  6. Andy Verdecchio | Urban Achiever

    Andy Verdecchio (Five Iron Frenzy) has been through the fires of life and lived to tell about it. We talk about his days growing up fighting in south Philly, older brothers, improvised drum hardware, dumpster fires, scary sandwich shops, fun nickname inducing hairdos, shantytown gigs, how he put his faith in something different, his tougher than nails cancer-survivor wife and more. Somebody gets stabbed in the head. It’s not him, don’t worry! Also, a special guest appearance from Walter, Andy’s cat.

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  7. Upgrade #189: Obsolescence Isn’t What It Used to Be - Relay FM

    Special Guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to discuss the weather, old speakers, Apple’s latest TV acquisition, the long slow fade of 32-bit Mac apps, and the arrival of a new version of his favorite iOS writing app.

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  8. Download Topicocalypse - Episode 35 - An Interview With Adam Morgan of Hopesfall | Podbean

    Just when you thought that Topicocalypse couldn’t get any cooler (just kidding nobody thought that), we’re back with another brand new, first ever episode thirty-five, and we have a very special guest. That’s right, we’re joined by Adam Morgan of the post-hardcore (and one of our favorite) bands, Hopesfall. After a ten year hiatus, they’re back and ready to melt your face off and send your mind floating into the cosmos with their brand new song H.A. Wallace Space Academy. We’re sitting down with Adam and talking about how the new album came to be, what everybody in the band has been up to, what we can expect, our favorite beers, football, religion and so much more!

    As always, you can find us on the Internet at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you like this episode, you can find all of our back episodes on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher,, and several other great podcasting outlets worldwide. You can find Hopesfall on all of the usual social media outlets. Make sure you show them some love. And you can find their music, as well as preorder their new album on iTunes (or continue to live under a rock). We hope you enjoy.


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  9. Episode 3: Orson Brando — Carbface for Radio Podcast with Laurie and Chris

    Follow Amanda Cohen @DirtCandy.Follow us on Instagram @Carbfacepod and on Twitter @Carbfacepod.Topics: Jesus Christ, Superstar. Easter candy. Orson Welles’s mistaken film career. The NYT Food section. Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy. And Unfuck My Life,  Anthony Bourdain.

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  10. Radio Panik - Han Bennink live radio session - Moacrealsloa

    Tonight Han BENNINK is with us for a live radio session broadcasted from Les Ateliers Claus.  During his residency he will take some time to share this moment with all of you!

    Don’t miss his concerts in Les Ateliers Claus :

    WED 28 MAR

    Han Bennink (nl) & Roland Van Campenhout (b)

    THU 29 MAR

    Han Bennink (nl) + The Instant Composers Pool

    FRI 30 MAR

    Han Bennink (nl) trio with Joachim Badenhorst (b) & Simon Toldam (dk)

    Photo (C) Andreas Terlaan

    Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Han Bennink was born in Zaandam near Amsterdam in 1942. His first percussion instrument was a kitchen chair. Later his father, an orchestra percussionist, supplied him with a more conventional outfit, but Han never lost his taste for coaxing sounds from unlikely objects he finds backstage at concerts. He is still very fond of playing chairs.

    In Holland in the 1960s, Bennink was quickly recognized as an uncommonly versatile drummer. As a hard swinger in the tradition of his hero Kenny Clarke, he accompanied touring American jazz stars, including Sonny Rollins, Ben Webster, Wes Montgomery, Johnny Griffin, Eric Dolphy and Dexter Gordon. He is heard with Gordon on the 1969 album "Live at Amsterdam Paradiso" (on the Affinity label) and with Dolphy on 1964s "Last Date" (PolyGram). At the same time, Bennink participated in the creation of a European improvised music which began to evolve a new identity, apart from its jazz roots. With fellow Dutch pioneers, pianist Misha Mengelberg and saxophonist Willem Breuker, he founded the musicians collective Instant Composers Pool in 1967. Bennink anchored various bands led by Mengelberg or Breuker, and appeared in their comic music-theater productions.

    Bennink attended art school in the 1960s, and is also a successful visual artist in several media, often constructing sculpture from found objects, which may include broken drum heads and sticks. He has designed the covers for many LPs and CDs on which he appears. Bennink is represented by Amsterdam’s Galerie Espace, and has been the subject of several one-man shows, including one at the Gemeente Museum in the Hague in 1995.

    In 1966, Bennink played the US’s Newport Jazz Festival with the Mengelberg quartet. From the late 1960s through the ’70s Bennink collaborated frequently with Danish, German, English and Belgian musicians, notably saxophonists John Tchicai and Peter Brötzmann, guitarist Derek Bailey and pianist Fred van Hove. Bennink, Brötzmann and van Hove had a longstanding trio well documented on FMP Records. There Bennink also showcased his talents on clarinet, trombone, soprano saxophone and many other instruments, also featured in a series of solo albums he began in 1971.

    Bennink’s many recordings from the 1980s include sessions with Mengelberg’s ICP Orchestra (where he remains), South African bassist Harry Miller, soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy, trombonists Roswell Rudd and George Lewis, and big-bandleaders Sean Bergin and Andy Sheppard.

    From 1988 to ‘98 Bennink’s main vehicle was Clusone 3, with saxophonist and clarinetist Michael Moore and cellist Ernst Reijseger, a band noted for its free-wheeling mix of swinging jazz standards, wide-open improvising, and tender ballads. Clusone played Europe and North America, West Africa, China, Vietnam and Australia, and recorded five CDs for Gramavision, hat Art and Ramboy.

    Nowadays he is frequently heard with tenor saxophonist Tobias Delius’s quartet and in a trio with pianist/keyboardist Cor Fuhler and bassist Wilbert de Joode, and he still collaborates occasionally with jazz luminaries such as Johnny Griffin, Von Freeman and Ray Anderson.

    A conspicuous feature of Bennink’s musical life since the 1960s is the spontaneous duo concert with musicians of many nationalities and musical inclinations; in the ’90s he recorded in duo with among others pianists Mengelberg, Irene Schweizer and Myra Melford, guitarist Eugene Chadbourne, trumpeter Dave Douglas and tenor saxophonist Ellery Eskelin. Since 2008 Bennink has his own Han Bennink Trio with Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet and Simon Toldam on piano.

    Kevin Whitehead

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