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  1. RWD Podcast Episode #26 : Advance Techniques part 2 — Responsive Web Design

    Part 2 for the Pro’s guide to Responsive design covering off progressive enhancement, responsive typography, the new Grid and Flexbox, creating grids with :nth-child selectors and much more.


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  2. RWD Podcast Episode #27 : Andi Dysart

    This week we’re joined by front end developer and one of the brains behind Ghost Lab and Device Lab, Mr Andi Dysart. We talk about Andi’s entry into web design from Industrial Design and the lessons that were brought across before looking into the testing products he and the team at Vanamco have developed.

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  3. RWD Podcast Episode #15 : Jeremy Keith — Responsive Web Design

    Jeremy Keith talks about writing, progressive enhancement and how we can take a new basic approach to build our sites.


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  4. RWD Podcast Episode 12: Christopher Schmitt and RWD Summit

    In this weeks podcast we are joined by none other than Christopher Schmitt of Environment for Humans conference fame. Chris puts on in person and live conferences throughout the year and today we’re talking to him specifically about the three day online RWD Summit held last week.

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  5. RWD Podcast Episode 11

    In this weeks podcast we take a look at Macaw, talk a bit about performance and SpeedCurve benchmarking against Smashing Magazine, and we look at two of the talks as part of the RWD Summit 2014.

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  6. Responsive Design Weekly #95

    A deep dive on breakpoints, media queries and android device fragmentation

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  7. Responsive Design Weekly #92

    An overview preview of this week 92 responsive design weekly.

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  8. The Auteur Theory Of Design

    Why is it that some projects never rise to the level of the talent of those who made it? It’s oft said regarding good work that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But sometimes the whole is less than the sum of its parts—a company or team comprised of good people, but yet which produces work that isn’t good.

    In his session, John will explain his theory to explain how this happens—in both directions—based on the longstanding collaborative art of filmmaking. Learn how to recognise when a project is doomed to mediocrity, and, more importantly, how best to achieve collaborative success.


    John Gruber writes and publishes Daring Fireball, a somewhat popular weblog ostensibly focused on Mac and web nerdery. He has been producing Daring Fireball as a full-time endeavour since April 2006.

    He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son.

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