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  1. The DOM scripting toolkit: jQuery

    Led by Remy Sharp, this presentation will introduce, and demonstrate, how jQuery can be used to quickly and concisely apply JavaScript behaviour to your web app. It aims to cover most of the jQuery API - selectors, Ajax, DOM manipulation, plugins, and a few less known titbits. Remy’s talk is aimed at beginner-to-intermediate level JavaScript / jQuery peeps.

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  2. Malcolm Gladwell - The Ecology of Success

    Now, Malcolm Gladwell is taking on success itself, in a new book called “Outliers.” He’s looking at how society and culture determine who we are, and in particular, what accounts for super-success — for the outsized success of superstars.

    It’s not what you may think, he says. Not genes or bootstrap grit. There’s a whole ecology to it, he says. Time Magazine calls his new book “a frontal assault on the great American myth of the self-made man.”

    This hour, On Point: Malcolm Gladwell, on the ecology of success.


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