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  1. 60: Melton & Ganatra episode III: Shipping software | iMore

    Debug is a casual, conversational interview show featuring the best developers in the business about the amazing apps they make and why and how they make them. On this episode Don Melton, former Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, and Nitin Ganatra, former Director of iOS Apps at Apple, talk about managing deadlines, development cycles, and shipping software. In memory of Jordan Breeding. Support our sponsors: Get $50 off any mattress from casper.com/debug by using promo code debug. Get $5 your first order from harrys.com by using promo code DEBUG.

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  2. 12: Don’t Call Me

    Tiffany Arment joins Moisés to talk about wedding photography. Whether suffering the basement of a church or guests determined to make it look like prom in 1982, make sure at all times to ignore Uncle Morty.Photo credit: some guy named MarcoSponsored byHarry's: they're already disrupting the shaving industry by offering a much better shaving experience at a much better value. Use promo code THANKYOU for $5 off.Drobo: mass storage for the masses. Use offer code MOISES for $50 off Drobo 5D or 5NGuest Tiffany Arment is "tiffanyarment" all over the internet: .com, on Twitter, on Instagram, and so on.Show Notes and LinksThe post-show we recorded (mostly about theatre) ran so long that it is still in post. As in "ran longer than the "actual" show. It's a good listen, promise. When it's up, it'll be "Test Pattern #10".Tiffany's assistant photographer (also husband, turns out) Marco recently tried his hand at programming an "app" for listening to "podcasts". Over half of ESN listeners now use it, based on our stats.


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  3. Werder-Chef Fischer: “Müssen neue Wege gehen” | NDR.de - Sport - Fussball - Bundesliga

    Klaus-Dieter Fischer ist seit 45 Jahren in Führungspositionen bei Werder Bremen tätig. Im NDR Interview spricht der Präsident über Perspektiven des Clubs, das Duell mit den Bayern und den HSV.


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  4. Elizabeth Kolbert on the sixth great extinction.

    Elizabeth Kolbert is a staff writer who is perhaps best known for her reporting on global warming. In 2006, after a series on the subject in the magazine, she published her book "Field Notes from a Catastrophe." Her reporting on climate change led her…


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