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  1. ‘Love what you do’: The problem with passion and work

    The career advice to 'follow your passion' increasingly drives major decisions around work, career and life. But Erin Cech's research reveals a significant downside to the popular mantra of 'love what you do.'


    Erin A. Cech, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan.

    Author of: The Trouble with Passion: How searching for fulfilment at work fosters Inequality

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  2. The Psychology of Pricing & The Left-Digit Effect

    Numbers affect your mind. People often like working with whole numbers, but when it comes to pricing, items often end in the number 9. And there’s a reason for that.

    If you are looking for a bargain, for some reason a dollar to your brain is way more than 99 cents—it's something marketers discovered a long time ago and it's called the left digit effect.

    Tim Harford, "Undercover Economist" for the Financial Times, explains the psychology of pricing.

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  3. Novelist Kazuo Ishiguro

    The Nobel Prize-winning novelist's new book, 'Klara and the Sun,' is set in the future and has an artificially intelligent narrator. "I wanted some of that childlike freshness and openness and naivety to survive all the way through the text in her," he says. We talk about his writing process, hitchhiking in the '60s, and his family history in Nagasaki.

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