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  1. Richard Rutter – Typography in Responsive Web Design

    Typography wears many hats in the user experience world. It’s part of the overall look of the visual design. It can convey tone and meaning of the content. Well set type can improve the user experience through readability and be an important piece of the accessibility puzzle for users with low vision. As with most things involving the web these days, typography isn’t immune to the disruption caused by mobile and multi-device design.

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  2. The Talk Show Episode 004 - James Duncan Davidson & Digital Photography

    Special guest James Duncan Davidson talks about digital photography. JDD is a pro, and shares his experience as a professional photographer for WWDC and O’Reilly.

    Listening to this makes you want to buy a 50mm lens and a DSLR to put it on. Also a great response from Dan regarding those pesky f-stop numbers.

    From http://thetalkshow.net/#4

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  3. SitePoint Podcast #44: HTML5 is a (Beautiful) Mess

    Episode 44 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week, Kevin Yank (@sentience) is joined by Opera Software’s Bruce Lawson (@brucel), SitePoint author Ian Lloyd (@lloydi), and Kyle Weems (@cssquirrel), creator of the CSSquirrel web comic, to discuss the latest uproar from within the W3C HTML5 Working Group. Is progress towards the HTML5 standard at risk of derailing, or is this just par for the course in the wild, wild world of standards development?


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  4. Get Stoked on Web Typography by Samantha Warren

    Typography can make or break a design, but there are big differences between what makes jaw-dropping type offline from what makes great type online? In this presentation, Samantha will evaluate interesting offline lettering and discuss how you can translate those principles and leverage CSS3, @font-face, and new font-as-service web apps to create engaging online typographic experiences.

    From http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/

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