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  1. Don’t Take His Stapler: ‘Paper Clip’ Author’s Passion For Office Supplies : NPR

    James Ward's new book stems from a lifelong love of Post-it notes, pencils and paper clips. He tells NPR's Melissa Block that they remind him of his school days, when life was less complicated.


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  2. Episode 28: Clips, Tacks and Kraft Paperbacks | The Erasable Podcast

    Tonight, Tim, Johnny and Andy are joined by Bryan Bedell, from Field Notes

    HQ. You might recognize Bryan from the amazing videos Field Notes puts out

    with some of their special editions. In addition to this great guest, your

    hosts will be briefly discussing our first Erasable Book Club Book, The

    Perfection of the Paper Clip, by James Ward.


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  3. 5by5 | Home Work #157: With Patrick Rhone

    Home Work

    A weekly advice podcast for people who work from home, whether freelancer or telecommuter. We address listener-submitted questions, comments and concerns about all aspects of working from home. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo.

    You can submit your questions here.

    Hosted by Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo.

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  4. RadioLab - Vanishing Words

    Agatha Christie's clever detective novels may reveal more about the inner workings of the human mind than she intended. In this podcast, a look at what scientists uncover when they treat words like data.


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