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  1. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy - Science Fiction Writer Interviews, Movie Reviews, Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi Books and Writing | A talk show about science fiction, fantasy, and geekery of all kinds

    A talk show about science fiction, fantasy, and geekery of all kinds


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  2. IHR Podcast #13: Bruce Levine and the anti-authoritarian mental health movement | Integral Health Resources

    In this episode of the Integral Health Resources Podcast, I talk about the anti-authoritarian pushback against mainstream mental health perspectives, highlighting an excellent video presentation by psychologist Bruce Levine.


    Related media:

    – My recent blog post on Levine’s presentation

    – Levine’s article, “Why Psychiatry Holds Enormous Power in Society Despite Losing Scientific Credibility“


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  3. Kling on the Three Languages of Politics - Econlib

    Arnold Kling, author of The Three Languages of Politics, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the ideas in the book. Kling argues that Progressives, Conservatives, and Libertarians each have their own language and way of looking at the world that often doesn’t overlap. This makes it easier for each group to demonize the others. …


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  4. Test & Code - Python Testing & Development: 53: Seven Databases in Seven Weeks - Luc Perkins

    A discussion with Luc Perkins, co-author of "Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, Second Edition:

    A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement"


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  5. Peter Thiel at National Conservatism Conference: The Star Trek Computer Is Not Enough

    Peter Thiel’s opening keynote at the inaugural National Conservatism Conference, 7/14/19.

    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7JRyy2MM-rI
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  6. Leading Above the Line: My Interview with Leadership Expert, Jim Dethmer [The Knowledge Project Ep. #60]

    Jim Dethmer, founder of The Conscious Leadership Group shares practical advice about becoming more self-aware, ditching the victim mindset, and connecting more fully with the people in our lives.


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  7. Jerry Colonna: The Coach With the Spider Tattoo - The Tim Ferriss Show - Podcast Notes

    Jerry Colonna is the CEO and co-founder of Reboot.io, an executive coaching and leadership development firm dedicated to the notion that better humans make better leaders.


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  8. Make Do #35: Merlin Mann and Vulnerability - Relay FM

    We get a visit from Merlin Mann, and talk about - well, a lot of stuff. What to call yourself, tall poppy syndrome, and micro-creativity.


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  9. The Superhuman Brouhaha With Mike Davidson - Techmeme Ride Home

    Remember the whole Superhuman kerfuffle of the last week or so? Mike Davidson wrote a blog post calling out some shady stuff in the Superhuman email product, all of silicon valley debated it, Superhuman walked things back a bit, and actually, I didn’t mention this, but Mike had a second post about this, which was even more in depth an eloquent than the first one. So, I reached out to Mike to talk about this whole thing, not because I wanted to re-litigate it, but because I wanted to poke at… well, what I said last week… what does this whole debate say about the discourse in tech at the moment?


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  10. Run toward fear, to the point of no return – ProCO360

    “I don’t have to know all the details of how we’re gonna survive to know that it is directionally correct, and I’ll boldly step beyond the point of no return and let the details sort themselves.”

    Andre Durand, CEO, Ping Identity

    I was looking forward to my interview with Andre Durand because I knew we’d be talking more about leadership and decision making than the technology behind Ping Identity… but let’s not overlook that Ping Identity technology is used by HALF of the Fortune 100, including ALL the top banks.  Andre has led Ping Identity from startup to its acquisition for over $600 million, and still leads the company today.  We also discussed Colorado’s unique position and niche as a hub for technology.  Listen in!


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