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  1. Night at the Rock Bar / Snap Judgment, “The Fight of Your Life”

    One night at the Rock Bar in downtown Jerusalem, Chaim Meghnagi comes face to face with an armed gunman intent on destruction. The next moments will change his life forever.

    Producers: Mark Ristish and Pat Mesiti-Miller

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/snapjudgment/the-night-at-the-rock-bar
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  2. Should vaccinations be compulsory?

    With measles infections on the rise in the UK, should vaccinations be made compulsory?


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  3. The Daily: Why So Many Hospitals Are Suing Their Patients

    Listen to Why So Many Hospitals Are Suing Their Patients and 754 more episodes by The Daily, free! No signup or install needed. Why So Many Hospitals Are Suing Their Patients. The Jungle Prince, Chapter 3: A House in Bradford, Yorkshire.


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  4. The Daily: How the Measles Outbreak Started

    Listen to How The Measles Outbreak Started and 763 more episodes by The Daily, free! No signup or install needed. ‘Absolutely No Mercy’. The Latest: The Mueller Question.


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  5. Beyond Today: Anti-vax: why do we believe medical conspiracies?

    What the anti-vax movement tells us about how bad ideas take hold.


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  6. Is the anti-vaccine movement putting lives at risk? – podcast | Society | The Guardian

    After a surge of measles outbreaks in the EU, Sarah Boseley looks back at how confidence in the MMR vaccine was dented by one doctor’s discredited campaign against it. Plus: Sonia Sodha on how to improve the British honours system


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  7. Werner Herzog on Gorbachev | On the Media | WNYC Studios

    Bob sits down with acclaimed director and documentarian Werner Herzog to discuss his latest film "Meeting Gorbachev."


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  8. Blacticulate EP05: Axel Kacoutié, Sound Artist

    Stories that Stick: a podcast series about the stories that shape us. For, in the end, it’s only the story that matters. And in today’s episode we have Axel Kacoutie, Sound Designer for the Guardian daily news podcast Today In Focus; Sound Artist who’s work has been featured on Random Acts (Channel 4), Short Cuts (BBC Radio 4) and BBC Radio 3.

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  9. How radio became a ‘lifeline’ in the Gaza conflict

    As Gazans try to recover from this summer’s war with Israel, some are turning to a local station called Radio Alwan to get information, trade stories and tips and get educated about subjects ranging from PTSD to where aid drops are happening.


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  10. Crossing Continents: Abdi in America

    A young Somali refugee tries to live the American dream.


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