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  1. Moods and Modes with Brett Terpstra | The Productivityist Podcast: Ideas and Tools for Personal Productivity | Time Management | Goals | Habits | Working Better

    Brett Terpstra is one of the smartest guys on the Internet, and in this episode Mike and Brett talk about work habits, workflows, and how moods and modes each help them deliver their work on a consistent basis.


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  2. Episode 019 — Citra Ass Down, Hop Ranch and Money Management — Nerds on Draft

    Apologies in advance if this bonus-length episode overstays its welcome.  Weighing in at one hour and thirty-three minutes, Jeff and Gabe take a deep dive headlong into how they manage money while drinking a ridiculously good Citra Ass Down by Against the Grain Brewing and a Hop Ranch by Victory Brewing Company.  Citra Ass Down by Against the Grain BrewingBreweryBreweryDBBeer Advocate


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  3. IPSpace.NET Episode 20 - VMware - NSX Troubleshooting

    When we started planning a VMware NSX-focused podcast episode with Dmitri Kalintsev, I asked my readers what topics they’d like to see covered. Two comments that we really liked were “how do I get started with VMware NSX?” and “how do I troubleshoot this stuff?”

    Dmitri is a seasoned networking engineer. His description of the journey from traditional service provider networking to building cloud infrastructure and finally embarking on the fully-virtualized bandwagon will definitely help you get started. He also spent a lot of time describing analogies he’s using to map NSX concepts to familiar networking concepts, and surprised us with packet capturing capabilities of NSX and vSphere distributed switch.

    Interested? Listen to Episode 20 of Software Gone Wild and subscribe to the podcast feed to get future episodes straight into your podcast client.


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  4. Vector 22: How to rip and transcode video for the best quality possible | iMore

    Don Melton, former Engineering Director of Internet Technologies at Apple, talks about his non-browser-based passions - Blu-Ray, transcoding, H.264, and managing massive amounts of media. Warning: Contains extreme nerdery.

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  5. The Incomparable | You Need an Agent of Chaos (Episode 213)

    Show Notes & Links

    Round 1

    Monty - Phil Hartman

    Phil - Phil Hartman

    Lisa - Phil Hartman

    David - Phil Hartman

    Jason - Phil Hartman

    Round 2

    Monty - Eddie Murphy

    Phil - Dan Aykroyd

    Lex - Dana Carvey

    Lisa - Bill Murray

    David - Tina Fey

    Jason - Billy Crystal

    Round 3

    Monty - Gilda Radner

    Phil - John Belushi

    Lex - Will Ferrell

    Lisa - Ana Gasteyer

    David - Kate McKinnon

    Jason - Chevy Chase

    Round 4

    Monty - Amy Poehler

    Phil - Kristin Wiig

    Lex - Maya Rudolph

    Lisa - Bill Hader

    David - Chris Parnell

    Jason - Jane Curtin

    Round 5

    Monty - Mike Myers

    Phil - Norm MacDonald

    Lex - Chris Farley

    Lisa - Abby Elliott

    David - Jon Lovitz

    Jason - Fred Armisen

    Round 6

    Monty - Jenny Slate

    Phil - Casey Wilson

    Lex - Kevin Nealon

    Lisa - Tracy Morgan

    David - Aidy Bryant

    Jason - Joan Cusack

    Round 7

    Monty - Jack Handey

    Phil - Tim Meadows

    Lex - Adam Sandler

    Lisa - Andy Samberg

    David - Vanessa Bayer

    Jason - Martin Short

    Bullcrap Compensatory Pick

    Lex - Al Franken

    Final casts

    Monty: Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Gilda Radner, Amy Poehler, Mike Meyers, Jenny Slate, Jack Handey

    Phil: Phil Hartman, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Kristin Wiig, Norm MacDonald, Casey Wilson, Tim Meadows

    Lisa: Phil Hartman, Bill Murray, Ana Gasteyer, Bill Hader, Abby Elliott, Tracy Morgan, Andy Samberg

    David: Phil Hartman, Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, Chris Parnell, Jon Lovitz, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer

    Lex: Dana Carvey, Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, Adam Sandler, Al Franken

    Jason: Phil Hartman, Billy Crystal, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Fred Armisen, Joan Cusack, Martin Short


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  6. 1: Emergency U2 Podcast

    In our inaugural episode, we convene to discuss the most important issue of our time: the delivery of free music to our devices. Some key opinions about this:

    "Apple, U2 and looking a gift horse in the mouth"

    "Mad About U2"

    "Anger Over Songs Of Innocence"

    Personally, we hope we’re still talking about this… on New Year’s Day. (The U2 jokes just write themselves. Unfortunately.)

    Lex wrote a piece detailing why he’s excited about the Apple Watch.

    Then we talk iPhone thinness versus battery life and segue into iOS 8 keyboards like TextExpander.


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