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  1. Drupal Voices 168: Dave Greenberg on CiviCRM | Lullabot

    Dave Greenberg is a core developer of the CiviCRM project, which is a free and open source Constituent Relationship Management solution for Drupal & Joomla. He talks about some of the main features of CiviCRM such as:

    Online fundraising and donor management
    Case management for clients and constituents
    Online event registration and participant tracking
    Online signup and membership management
    Personalized email blasts and newsletters
    Report generation and template management

    Greenberg also talks about CiviCRM’s integration with Drupal and how it can expose events, contributions and membership to the Drupal front-end as well as how it’s possible to pass the user’s activity on the Drupal website back into the CiviCRM database. He also talks about some of the most common use cases and types of organizations are using CiviCRM, as well as how he first got involved with the project.

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