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  1. Cliff Asness, Founder, Managing Principal, and Chief Investment Officer of AQR Capital Management

    Cliff Asness, Founder, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer of AQR Capital Management, shares his insights on the markets during a challenging environment of record-high inflation, rising interest rates, and recession fears.

    Record Date July 19, 2022

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Nqxk91g8I
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  2. Real Vision Podcast - Michael Venuto Can See Crypto’s Bright Future From Here

    Michael Venuto, a co-founder and the chief investment officer of Toroso Investments, joins Maggie Lake to talk about what he learned during his chaotic stretch on the New York Stock Exchange, how he got burned trading Royal Caribbean options in 2009, and why blockchain-traded funds will eventually replace ETFs.


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  3. Rewilding Agile: David Snowden, author of Cynefin framework and challenger of prevailing sentiments

    Agile started of as an inspirational set of statements and values that inspired a generation of software design. How are we doing 20 years later?

    David will take us through the exploration of two basic questions:

    • How is Agile missing the mark - at least the way it is practiced and implemented in many corporations?
      • What we as agile practitioners do to counteract those traps? In small and bigger ways…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMlO-xuMrms
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  4. Design thinking and scaffolding in cultural transformation - Prof. Dave Snowden

    From TRANSFORMING CULTURE - MiL Foundation Forum Leadership Conference 2019. Design thinking, despite its potential has become increasingly commoditised. Government change labs tend to attract those who are already committed to change, the ‘usual suspects’.

    How do we shift away from linear approaches to designing novel solutions? How do we learn from evolution where rapid repurposing of existing capabilities has been responsible for major breakthroughs (flight for example) and allow innovation and change to happen in a non-linear way. Distributed ethnography & ideation and managed exaptation (or serendipity) offer huge potential. Focusing on creating scaffolding rather than an end product is also a key way in which we manage uncertainty without excessive control.

    Learn more about Professor Dave Snowdens work at https://cognitive-edge.com/

    More seminars, workshop & conferences by MiL : https://www.milinstitute.se/omoss/milfoundationforum

    Organizer: Johanna Steen, MiL Foundation Forum, https://www.milfoundation.se

    Videographer: Sulle Hussein, Sulle Films, https://www.sullefilms.com

    Audio: Joakim Lundberg, MiL Institute, https://www.milinstitute.se

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX2RZ5Jig4A
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  5. Dave Snowden and friends - Organizational Design - Part 1

    The first recording of discussions a group of us had to explore Organizational Design, with a focus this time on leadership. We recorded the session so we could share some thoughts and share the conversation.

    Apologies for the lower resolution. We were learning. We got better by the second video!

    🙋‍♂️🙋 Friends in this video 🙋🙋‍♂️ Dave Snowden (Creator of Cynefin and Founder of Cognitive Edge) Sonja Blignaut (Founder and CEO of More Beyond in South Africa) Andrew Blain (Founder of Elabor8 in Australia), Jabe Bloom (Red Hat Global Transformation Office),
    Nigel Thurlow (Co-creator of the Flow System and creator of Scrum The Toyota Way).

    🔗 🔗 🔗 Links 🔗 🔗 🔗 (The links I promised in the video) Flow System - http://flowconsortium.com/ Flow Guide - https://flowguides.org/

    🦋🦋🦋 Social Media 🦋🦋🦋 LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/nigelthurlow/ Twitter - twitter.com/NigelThurlow

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKALuME8E9g
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  6. Conversation with Dave Snowden

    The creator of the Cynefin framework and the person who first taught me about the complicated/complex distinction. This conversation was done for his community. If you aren't familiar with Daves work, there might be concepts that you haven't heard of before. I'd recommend being familiar with Dave's work.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk_wYJgwCDw
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  7. Making sense of complexity with Dave Snowden

    Different problems need different solutions. An approach that aids in decision making is The Cynefin framework, which was created in 1999 by Dave Snowden and was born with principles related to theories of how we perceive things. Cynefin (pronounced “kuh-nev-in”) is a word of Welsh origin that means habitat or place of many belongings.

    Cynefin is a model that can be used in different sectors, at different levels in an organization and in different contexts, in fact context is the key word for Cynefin. Its main use is for effective decision making based on the analysis of the context in which we are inserted.

    We are roasting marshmallows with Dave Snowden, founder and chief scientific officer of The Cynefin Company, formerly known as Cognitive Edge, a Singapore-based management-consulting firm specializing in complexity and sense-making, to thrive in a complex world.

    Dave's specialties include: Sense making, Knowledge Management, Complexity Science applied to organisations and Narrative. Dave is well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style, and is a popular and passionate keynote speaker.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1pjGEVyw9M
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  8. (S2)E016 Dave Snowden on Cynefin and Building Capability for Managing Complexity

    ** Full transcript and episode show notes available on the website: www.agileinnovationleaders.com**

    Guest Bio: Dave Snowden divides his time between two roles: founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge and the founder and Director of the Centre for Applied Complexity at the University of Wales.
    Known for creating the sense-making framework, Cynefin, Dave’s work is international in nature and covers government and industry looking at complex issues relating to strategy, organisational decision making and decision making. He has pioneered a science-based approach to organisations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience and complex adaptive systems theory. He is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on a range of subjects, and is well known for his pragmatic cynicism and iconoclastic style. In this episode Dave talked about: • His childhood and early influences • His view on the ideal approach to education • Developing the Cynefin framework and the role of arts in innovation • His view on the benefit and limitations of some Agile frameworks • The importance of training engineers in ethics and diversity awareness (especially in AI) • And more

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRTimM-BMqc
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  9. S5E118: Hexi Approach and What it Means to the Cynefin Framework with Dave Snowden

    In this episode, Dale and Val talk to Dave Snowden about the additional elements of the Hexi approach and implementation guide for the Cynefin Framework and facilitation in your organisation. Following on from our previous discussion with Dave (Episode 83), Dave takes us on a linguistic trip of rhetoric and insight on his views about projects and how Hexi can be utilised.

    David John Snowden (born 1954) is a Welsh management consultant and researcher in the field of knowledge management and the application of complexity science. Known for the development of the Cynefin framework, Snowden is the founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, a Singapore-based management consulting firm specialising in complexity and sensemaking.

    Dave is the Director of the Cynefin Centre, Chief Scientific Officer Cognitive Edge. Creator of the Cynefin Framework. Lead author EU Field Guide to managing in Complexity (and crisis). His focus is on naturalising sense-making as an emerging trans-disciplinary field of study.

    Here are links to some of the topics that were discussed: Cynefin Framework – A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making (hbr.org) Cynefin Method Kits (Hexi) - https://thecynefin.co/method-kits/
    Complex Acts of Knowing: Paradox and Descriptive Self-Awareness (PDF) Complex Acts of Knowing…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlCJnNQXWN0
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