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  1. Adam Curry | Web Talk with Rob Greenlee

    Adam Curry is founder of BoKu Communications, the parent company of PodShow.com, that is aligning various podcast-related services, websites, podcasts and directories to commercialize podcasting. He discusses his early days in radio and at MTV in the ’80s. He talks about leaving all of his broadcast radio shows to pursue his passion for the early Internet. Adam goes into detail about his early work with the websites webcasting, blogging, audioblogging and his inspiration that helped birth and fuel the fast growth of podcasting. He also discusses some of the current podcasting issues. [Web Talk audio from IT Conversations]


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  2. The Trail Dames Podcast: Episode #57 - “El” Miller (Bear Spray)

    Hiking and camping weren’t something El was introduced to as a child but, as an adult, she feels that it has helped her relax. She says, "Hiking feeds my body, mind, and soul". Some of her favorite trails are the Goldmine and Section A of the Billy Goat Trail @ Great Falls in Potomac, MD. and she also enjoys Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Gardners, PA. In general, she says, "I appreciate any trail I get to wander!"

    El enjoys campgrounds camping and says that while there was a time she would have been 100% certain there would be no backpacking in her future; today she is thinking that it might just happen.

    When asked why she enjoys hiking, she says, "There is a sense of empowerment and accomplishment one gets when you’re able to hike solo, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of helping others feel that sense of empowerment, accomplishment, and joy?" That, she says, is why she wanted to become a hike leader.

    El is now the co-Head Dame of the Maryland Chapter of Trail Dames and can be found most weekends leading women out on the trail and helping them find their own sense of joy and accomplishment.

    Connect with Anna, aka Mud Butt, at

    You can find the Trail Dames at: Our website:

    The Summit:

    The Trail Dames Foundation:



    Hiking Radio Network:

    Hiking Radio Network on Instagram:

    Music provided for this Podcast by The Burns Sisters "Dance Upon This Earth"


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  3. PlayPlaying

    Listen to #220 "Dead Man Walking" With Sherm Henderson 2/8/20 and 359 more episodes by Solid Steps Radio, free! No signup or install needed. #222 David Roadcup on Spiritual Practices and Formation

    2/22/20. #221 Intimacy in Marriage With Counselors Don and Danna Delafield 2/15/20.


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  4. Audioboom / BONUS Ep. 4 - GillCast Super Bowl Preview: Showdown, Props, Betting with Sammy Reid and Nate Nohling

    The Gillcast comes together to preview the Super Bowl. Davis Mattek, Sammy Reid and Nate Nohling talk about Super Bowl Showdown, player prop bets, Tony Romo, and project the game out for both teams…


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  5. a16z Podcast: Talent, Tech Trends, and Culture — with Ben, Marc, and Tyler Cowen

    with Marc Andreessen (@pmarca), Ben Horowitz (@bhorowitz), and Tyler Cowen (@tylercowen)

    This episode of the a16z Podcast features the rare combination of a16z co-founders Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz in conversation, together, with economist Tyler Cowen (chair of economics at George Mason University and chairman and general director of the Mercatus Center there, and host of his own podcast.) The conversation originally took place at our most recent annual innovation Summit — which features a16z speakers and invited experts from various organizations discussing innovation at companies large and small, as well as tech trends spanning bio, consumer, crypto, fintech, and more.

    This discussion covers Ben and Marc’s marriage, er, partnership; the evolution of VC and "talent as a network"; and where are we right now on industries being affected by tech (such as retail) and tech trends (such as VR/AR and wearables) — and where are we going next? Finally, is software eating culture… or is it the other way around?


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