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  2. Mage Chronicles: Ahriman Chronicles: The Vile Nature of an Ascension War

    On today’s show Panos V. Skordas joins us to share the Ahriman Chronicles: Vile Nature of the Ascension War. We discuss how he got into role playing games; LARPs; what he enjoys about being a Storyteller; what he has learned in 19 years of Storytelling; the influence of authors Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and J.K. Rowling; how his players changed his Storytelling; the tools he uses to run his Chronicles; how long it takes him to prepare his Chronicles; John Constantine, Hellblazer; how his Chronicle tied into the Ascension War; what made Ahriman Chronicles: Vile Nature of the Ascension War so special; how his Chronicle took a life of its own; orgies as a meta Chronicle; what he learned researching orgies; slut-shaming; the Blue Whale online game; American Gods; Arete.

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  3. Myth in Mage

    On today’s show we chat with Josh Heath, Chief Operations Officer at High Level Games and host of Werewolf: The Podcast. We discuss Onyx Path’s Storytellers Vault; why he loves Werewolf: The Apocalypse; how he got into RPGs; Robotech and AD&D; his duties and responsibilities as Chief Operations Officer for High Level Games; Josh name dropped on last week’s Onyx Pathcast; the 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade podcast; what Josh has learned re-visiting Werewolf: The Apocalypse; Joseph Campbell’s myth cycle and hero’s journey; the forthcoming Gods, Monsters and Familiar Strangers WoD book Josh worked on; modern mythology and the why of the universe; Roy Scranton’s Learning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization; Richard Wagner and Norse mythology; Roy Thomas’s The Mighty Thor comic book series; fairy tales; using myth in a group game; myth in Star Wars; mythological creatures, concepts and magic in the modern world; Neil Gaiman’s American Gods; Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade and Dark Ages: Mage; Comic-Con.

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  4. Anders Mage Page

    On today’s show Adam Simpson interviews Dr. Anders Sandberg of Anders Mage Page fame. Adam and Anders discuss building Mage pages for the early web; being a Research Fellow for the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford; how Anders discovered Mage: The Ascension; the similarities of Mage in science and academia; the movie WarGames; emails and message boards; the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine; transhumanism; the Order of Hermes; Caribbean magic; Virtual Adepts; Eclipse Phase RPG; coincidental magic; versions of Mage; examples of Paradox; the holy grail; August Strindberg; Longinus; Sven Hedin; Buddhism and the Nephandi; city spirits; Cities on the Edge!; the strengths and weaknesses of Mage: The Ascension; Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman; World of Darkness crossover games; Time Bandits; how role playing games can help your career; using idea lists in your Chroni- cle; ending a Chronicle.

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  5. Thoughts on Paradox

    On today’s show Adam Simpson talks about Paradox in Mage. Adam discusses why magick has limitations; playing Mage without Paradox; X/1999 manga; player knowledge versus character knowledge; how to get rid of Paradox; manifestations of Paradox; Paradox Spirits; Paradox Realms; the Quiet; Domino Effect; The Sorcerers Crusade; the Scourge; Wild Paradox versus Mundane Paradox; examples of Paradox; Marauders.

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  6. Mage: Refuge

    Karin Tidbeck talks about Mage: Refuge, a text-based interactive game with a rich scenario full of plot twists, the action takes place in a world at the dawn of a political revolution.

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  7. Plot Hooks

    Chris Zac, host of the excellent Twin Cities by Night podcast and he’ll join us to talk about plot hooks you can use in your Mage chronicles.

    Join us again next week: Karin Tidbeck and I will talk about Mage: Refuge, a text-based interactive game that takes place in a world at the dawn of a revolution.

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  8. Themes in Mage

    Adam Simpson discusses themes in Mage: The Ascension and how to use them in your games; Stewart Wieck’s theme of Mage’s bringing change to society; Woodstock; Pi-hole; the Digital Web; Satyros Brucato’s theme of empowerment in Mage; HIT Marks; four themes in Mage: magic isn’t something you do but something you’re part of, needing to work with others who are different from yourself, transcending your limitations, and overcoming pride and self-centeredness to reach something greater than yourself; introdcuitng mystric weirdness into a Mage’s life after they have Awakened; giving players information they must keep secret from fellow Cabal members; riddles posed by AIs; aiding a security guard; let us know what’s stopping you from running a Mage Chronicle.

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  9. Jason Louv on Mage and John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World

    On today’s show were joined by Jason Louv, who is a real life magician and author. Jason’s most recent book is John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World. We discuss his first book, Generation Hex; Jason’s introduction to Mage: The Ascension; Mage artist Leif Jones; what is Magick; the relationship between Magick and postmodernism; clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson; the Frankfurt School; Enochian magic; John Dee and Edward Kelley; Francis Fukuyama and the end of history; President Trump’s use of Magick; Jason’s Ultraculture podcast; Jason’s School for Magick,

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  10. Mage Chronicles: Sorcerers Crusade

    On today’s show we launch a new segment: Mage Chronicles. What made your Chronicle unique as a player or Storyteller? We’re joined by Mage co-creator Satyros Brucato and Walking Away from Arcadia co-host Victor Joseph Kinzer for in-depth conversation about Dark Ages Mage and The Sorcerers Crusade.

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