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  1. Thoughts on Paradox

    On today’s show Adam Simpson talks about Paradox in Mage. Adam discusses why magick has limitations; playing Mage without Paradox; X/1999 manga; player knowledge versus character knowledge; how to get rid of Paradox; manifestations of Paradox; Paradox Spirits; Paradox Realms; the Quiet; Domino Effect; The Sorcerers Crusade; the Scourge; Wild Paradox versus Mundane Paradox; examples of Paradox; Marauders.

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  2. Mage: Refuge

    Karin Tidbeck talks about Mage: Refuge, a text-based interactive game with a rich scenario full of plot twists, the action takes place in a world at the dawn of a political revolution.

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  3. Plot Hooks

    Chris Zac, host of the excellent Twin Cities by Night podcast and he’ll join us to talk about plot hooks you can use in your Mage chronicles.

    Join us again next week: Karin Tidbeck and I will talk about Mage: Refuge, a text-based interactive game that takes place in a world at the dawn of a revolution.

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  4. Themes in Mage

    Adam Simpson discusses themes in Mage: The Ascension and how to use them in your games; Stewart Wieck’s theme of Mage’s bringing change to society; Woodstock; Pi-hole; the Digital Web; Satyros Brucato’s theme of empowerment in Mage; HIT Marks; four themes in Mage: magic isn’t something you do but something you’re part of, needing to work with others who are different from yourself, transcending your limitations, and overcoming pride and self-centeredness to reach something greater than yourself; introdcuitng mystric weirdness into a Mage’s life after they have Awakened; giving players information they must keep secret from fellow Cabal members; riddles posed by AIs; aiding a security guard; let us know what’s stopping you from running a Mage Chronicle.

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  5. Jason Louv on Mage and John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World

    On today’s show were joined by Jason Louv, who is a real life magician and author. Jason’s most recent book is John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World. We discuss his first book, Generation Hex; Jason’s introduction to Mage: The Ascension; Mage artist Leif Jones; what is Magick; the relationship between Magick and postmodernism; clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson; the Frankfurt School; Enochian magic; John Dee and Edward Kelley; Francis Fukuyama and the end of history; President Trump’s use of Magick; Jason’s Ultraculture podcast; Jason’s School for Magick,

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  6. Mage Chronicles: Sorcerers Crusade

    On today’s show we launch a new segment: Mage Chronicles. What made your Chronicle unique as a player or Storyteller? We’re joined by Mage co-creator Satyros Brucato and Walking Away from Arcadia co-host Victor Joseph Kinzer for in-depth conversation about Dark Ages Mage and The Sorcerers Crusade.

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  7. The Perils of Paradox

    Every modern-day fantasy story has to confront a fundamental question—if magic is real where has it been hiding all this time? The answer to that question in Mage is Paradox. Co-hosted with Lee Webb.

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  8. Life by Antonios Rave-N Galatis

    On today’s show we’re going to do something different. Instead of talking about Mage were going to hear the short story “Life” read by the author, Antonios Galatis. “Life” is from the Truth Beyond Paradox anthology and you can find on Amazon or DriveThruRPG.

    I’m really excited about today’s show because ever since I heard the Walking Away from Arcadia Changeling podcast’s “Beyond the Mists” short story I’ve wanted to do something like on this show. Go listen to “Beyond the Mists,” it’s fantastic.

    I’ve been a member of the Mage: The Ascension Facebook group for a couple of months and in that time I’ve met some really wonderful people. In fact, that’s show I met Satyros Brucato, the co-creator of Mage. When I discovered Antonios was also a member of the group I approached him about reading his short story for the show. I was thrilled that he agreed to do it and even more surprised that he went above and beyond to produce a professional recording of his story. Antonios could have recored it on his laptop or phone with a headset and I would have been happy with whatever I got. I’m floored that Antonios was so generous with his time to record “Life” and he’s set the bar for future short stories to appear on Mage: The Podcast.

    We’ll also have Andonee as a guest on the show this Saturday at 10 AM Pacific on Zcast. As usual, you can join in in realtime with any questions you have for Antonios or post your questions on Twitter @magethepodcast or metal us at

    See you then!

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  9. Metaplot in Mage: The Ascension

    On today’s show Mage: The Ascension co-creator Satyros Brucato and Darker Days Radio co-founder Mark Hope join us to to discuss metaplot in Mage. We talk about how Mark got into RPG and Mage; what is metaplot and how does it relate to Mage; the House of Helekar and the beginning of the metaplot; the cautionary tale of Vormos; if Amanda will return to Mage; should you check in with your players regarding the metaplot; the Reckoning; the Avatar Storm; the Horizon War; the Ascension Warrior trilogy; Porthos Fitz-Emoress; the Whiteout; how Ron Perelman wiped out 30% of the comic book and gaming industry in the 90s and how it effected the metaplot for Wraith and Changeling; will there be future Sorcerers Crusade-related releases; how to use Threat Null as antagonists but still keep the Umbra open for player exploration; what elements didn’t make it into the Mage metaplot; what happend to the Jade Demon; Big Trouble in Little China; what the main difference in game mechanics between Victorian Mage and Mage 20 is.

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  10. What is Mage: The Ascension?

    Welcome to the first episode of Mage: The Podcast! On today’s show we’re joined by Mage: The Ascension’s co-creator, Satyros Brucato. We discuss what the Mage role playing game is; how the game has changed in nearly 25 years; how Mage has been updated for the 21st centry; if Gods and Monsters and Book of the Fallen will be released by Onyx Path Publishing this year; how have the themes in White Wolf have changed in the last 20 years; will the rest of the World of Darkenss related games be updated; what was the experience was like taking over Mage; how Mage has changed some people’s lives; a look back at the Traditions in Mage and how they have been updated; Erik Davis’ book, TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information; are there any plans to make Mind’s Eye Theatre available for Mage; how to prepare a three-act structure for Mage; if the Traditions have been balanced.

    —Huffduffed by josephaleo

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