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  1. Guy Debord’s “le jeu de la guerre” part 1: interview Alex Galloway

    Not that many philosophers have had enough interest in board games to make it a subject of their reflection. And that’s obviously even more so the case for wargames. So when I discovered that French avant-garde philosopher and filmmaker Guy Debord didn’t only work on board games but actually had made a war game, I was instantly fascinated.

    Debord made a name for himself in the late 50s when he launched his very own left-wing philosophical and artistic movement: situationism. In 1967, he published the book and, subsequently, the film that would grant him worldwide fame: La société du spectacle.

    What is not well known is that for a significant part of his life, he has been working on a complex chess variant in which he wanted to distil what was, for him, the spirit of warfare, as he was fascinated by military theory. This game was simply called: "le jeu de la guerre", in English, the game of war.

    And it wasn’t just a side project. In his book Panegyric, he writes: "I fear it could be the only one of my works that anyone will dare to recognise as having some value."

    So to learn more about this unique object, I invited Alexander Galloway, a philosophy teacher at NYU and the developer of a digital adaptation of Guy Debord’s game. Alexander dedicated an article in Zones of control to Debord’s "…

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  2. Ring of Nibelung Audiobook

    Ring of Nibelung audiobook. Free full length audiobook. Subscribe to my channel:

    It is the oldest surviving poem of the Germanic people and is often referred to as the "Ring of the Nibelungs". He was probably a writer of the ancient Germanic tribes who inhabited the area around Passau. The Nibelungenlied is an amalgam of several different sources and is based on the oral tradition of the Germanic people.

    The poem is found in several manuscripts, including a fragment of the poem in the late 14th century, and in the early 15th century the manuscript of the poem in the late 16th century. In addition, there are numerous other manuscripts of the Nibelungenlied. In the case of the Nibelungenlied, the author (the poet) is a German and the author’s name is unknown.

    0:00:06 01 - First Adventure 0:04:22 02 - Second Adventure 0:09:50 03 - Third Adventure 0:29:18 04 - Fourth Adventure 0:55:10 05 - Fifth Adventure 1:07:18 06 - Sixth Adventure 1:21:32 07 - Seventh Adventure 1:39:46 08 - Eighth Adventure 1:49:55 09 - Ninth Adventure 1:59:37 10 - Tenth Adventure 2:20:59 11 - Eleventh Adventure 2:27:48 12 - Twelfth Adventure 2:38:24 13 - Thirteenth Adventure 2:45:41 14 - Fourteenth Adventure 2:57:55 15 - Fifthteenth Adventure 3:06:03 16 - Si…

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  3. Neal Stephenson: Termination Shock

    Bestselling author Neal Stephenson is known for delivering novels with poignant and incisive reflections on our present and future. He’s also no stranger to the Town Hall stage and has joined us in the past to discuss his novel Fall and collaborative work with Nicole Galland, The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O., among others.

    Stephenson returns to the Town Hall stage to discuss his newest thriller, Termination Shock. In his speculative vision of the not-too-distant future, sea levels are rising, heatwaves and global flooding endure, and deadly pandemics threaten humanity. When the rest of the world continues to respond with inaction, a billionaire hatches a plan that will quickly throw climate change into reverse — but action at such a grand scale is anything but simple. There are consequences of global proportion, and some of them might even be worse than climate change itself.

    Stephenson’s discussion invites audiences to consider questions that can extend far beyond fiction and resonate with us in the present day: Will the world ever be able to take urgent action on climate change? What is the role of technology in this fight? Is there a role for motivated billionaires? What if the answers to these questions are highly unconventional? Stephenson invites us to expand our minds, and ask.

    Neal Stephens…

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  4. Police Interrogations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    John Oliver discusses the tactics that can make police interrogations so damaging, particularly for the innocent, and why he’s more of a Lorelai than a Rory.

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