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  1. Leading Consciously in Times of Challenge with Daniel Friedland, MD

    We find ourselves in extraordinary times. The coronavirus pandemic has added a significant amount of stress and uncertainty to existing life and work demands. For many, these challenges trigger a reactive mindset with fear-based thoughts and feelings that can lead to disconnection, which has been intensified with social distancing.

    Since we are all fundamentally wired to connect—and leadership is an act of influence where everyone “leads from their seat”—mindset is emotionally and socially contagious.

    Now more than ever, it’s vital for all of us to engage in a creative leadership mindset. This includes ways to lead consciously and stay connected within ourselves and with what matters most, in order to elevate ourselves and others for the benefit of everyone we serve. This is particularly important at this moment in time where it is vital that we double down on a commitment to diversity, inclusion, justice and equality.

    This interactive session on “Leading Consciously in Times of Challenge,” shares a neuroscience-based perspective to frame the leadership challenges we are facing, as well as facilitate a powerful appreciative-inquiry based experience to help us reflect on, share and find inspiration on how to advance our growth as conscious leaders in these challenging times.

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