Fate of Cthulhu - The Rise of Nyarlathotep (5/5)

Alun R facilitates the fifth of 5 sessions of fate of Cthulhu (from Evil Hat). This session was organsied as part of The Gauntlet RPG Community’s monthly calendar of games (www.gauntlet-rpg.com) … Cut to the desert 250 miles NE of Khartoum several months after the last Timeline Event, during that time the missing Avery Quinn makes sure the team gets the Glowing Trapezohedron back. Nessa has spent weeks accumulating as much information on a World Heritage Site destined to host the rise of Nyarlathotep; Rook steps back and forth in time to make sure the SAS will provide some back-up a an ‘American cultural attache’; and McFee frets about his missing son’s fate while cuistomising a dune buggy. There’s cultists, old enemies, a Mask of Nyarlathotep, and then … a portal, one young man with no memory, and another who is of little importance … and an Elder Thing …

Original video: https://youtu.be/cmNiPNv0vb4
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