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  1. TMO Background Mode: Interview With Astrophysicist/SciFi Author Dr. David Brin - Background Mode Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Dr. David Brin is an astrophysicist and well-known science fiction author. He’s perhaps most famous for his Hugo Award winning Uplift SciFi series. He is also a famous futurist and public speaker who consults with the intelligence and defense communities. We chatted about his early career and how his first SciFi novel, Sundiver, financed his Ph.D. work. In the second half of the show, we got into the Kardashev scale of planetary civilizations, technical means to deal with climate change,

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  2. Kevin Murphy: RiffTrax Rules the World – Slice of SciFi

    Kevin Murphy: RiffTrax Rules the World [ 31:09 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Kevin Murphy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Tom Servo) and RiffTrax is our guest this week, and he talks with Summer and guest host Tim Callender about the work and the fun involved with the RiffTrax Live events, how having a Peabody Award coffee mug is just as cool as having the award itself, and what movies he’d want to Riff and what movies would be too hard to Riff on.

    Their most recent TV foray was a #TotalRiffOff on 2 new hours of NatGeo WILD, which aired this week and is still available on Nat Geo (if you have a cable provider), and the tracks will soon be available for purchase.

    Noah also has a review The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies for us.

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  3. Fireworks by Headrush

    Improvised scifi music by Sydney band, Headrush (Soner Sahan and Luke Bacon). Performed on guitars, recorded with a mobile phone July 2011.

    Find the artwork and download in other formats at

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  4. The state of the art

    "As one of the centrepieces of the current SciFi season across BBC Radio, Radio 4 put out this dramatisation of one of Iain M. Banks‘ rare short pieces: The State of the Art. It’s a rare example of outright humour in Banks’ work, which is usually darker in his non-M fiction, and more oblique in his Science Fiction (see this excellent list of Ship Names in the Culture). It’s 1977, and a Culture ship visits earth to survey it. Enjoy." via speechification

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  5. Sci-fi: the return - RN Future Tense - 3 March 2011

    Science fiction has long been a popular genre - from print to television to film. But how does the Australian science fiction scene compare internationally? And why is it that there’ve been so few Australian scifi films?

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  6. PKD Last Interview (1982)

    Final Interview with SciFi Mystic Maestro Philip K. Dick aka PKD by John Boonstra in 1982 just before PKD’s untimely demise.

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  7. Science Weekly with Michio Kaku: Impossibility is relative

    Michio Kaku tells Alok Jha that the science fiction of Star Trek is closer to reality than we might think. Some 80% of the technologies portrayed in science fiction like Star Trek and Star Wars – including force fields, teleportation, telekinesis, mind-reading and invisibility – will become possible within the next century.

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  8. Journey to Planet JoCo - Intro

    John Scalzi talks to Jonathan Coulton about the project, science fiction, and mwa-ha-ha-ingly more.

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  9. Thursday 19 January 2012 - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Science fiction has long been a popular genre - from print to television to film. But how does the Australian science fiction scene compare internationally? And why is it that there’ve been so few Australian scifi films?

    Also the link between science fiction and the American Civil Liberties Union.

    Mike Jones, Lecturer in Screen Studies, Australian Film Television and Radio School.
    Dr Maria Cunningham, Lecturer, School of Physics at the University of New South Wales.
    Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy and Technology program.
    Jonathan Strahan, Editor, anthologist and book reviewer.

    Further Information: Jonathan Strahan’s website (
    American Prospect article on Jay Stanley & scifi (
    Dr Maria Cunningham’s profile (
    Mike Jones’s profile (
    Mike Jones essay on fears and questions of science fiction (
    Future Scifi project page (
    Information about Awfully Wonderful - science fiction art exhibition (

    —Huffduffed by theJBJshow

  10. The Sci-Fi Cast Ep. 21

    Battlestar Galactica, science fiction news and trivia

    —Huffduffed by dcaolo