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Just discovered this service through TWIG. I was an avid user of, through which I listened to episodes of podcasts I'm not subscribed to.

I've been listening to podcasts since over ten years ago, and am currently subscribed to around 30 podcasts.

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  1. Tim Wu Suggests Spend Our Attention on The Attention Merchants: “How can my product be a deliverance for you?” | Narrative Species

    The more limited a resource is, the greater its worth. We're quick to apply this to externalities – air, food, water, energy, and money, for example. But we all own a hidden resource, exploited for immense profit on a daily basis. Each week of his or her life, every human being has 168 hours of…

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  2. 162 Drupal 8 Enterprise Development with Allan Chappell and David Diers - Modules Unraveled Podcast | Modules Unraveled

    Four Kitchens is a one-stop digital strategy firm, building BIG websites and creating the tools you need to reach your audience, wherever they may be. Content management, multi-channel publishing, and digital strategy are our passion. We help media organizations, publishers, technology companies, universities, and nonprofits like yours transition to the digital age and stay ahead of the competition. We are your allies, collaborators, and best-kept secret. We are the Web Chefs.

    Ready to start your next web project? Find us on the web at

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  3. The Interview Results Capture Meeting | Manager Tools

    This cast explains how to capture interview results in a fast and simple meeting.

    One of the things we have learned over the years is that bad hiring is easy, and good hiring is hard.

    It's easy to hire someone who isn't going to work out - just do one interview, don't dig for details, don't listen to the doubts you're feeling, don't interview for the soft skills.

    Of course, this is what happens far too often…and then when there are culture or discipline problems, everyone starts talking about changing the culture, or doing exit interviews.

    But the answer lies in smarter — and harder — hiring.

    In this cast, we share a simple way for a hiring manager to make a decision about a candidate.

    You'll probably hear a surprise or two, so listen in … and you'll also hear Horstman's Law of Bad Hiring!

    This cast is one in a series to be called How to Hire, which is part of our larger set of series on Managing Talent.

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  4. First Meeting New Direct Series - Tell The Truth - Part 1 | Manager Tools

    We recommend spending time with each new member of your team encouraging them to tell the truth, and not be afraid of not knowing how to do something or the standard way of doing something in their new role.

    When a direct starts working for you, we recommend you share with them how to be most effective in their new role. Too many managers assume that their directs know everything already, or, "they'll figure it out." Far better to give some early clear guidance to help the direct understand how to fit in and make a difference.

    Many directs are worried about being perceived as not knowledgeable when they are, in fact, not knowledgeable. It's more effective to tell them to admit their lack of knowledge. Here's how.

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  5. New Direct - First Day Meeting | Manager Tools

    This guidance describes the first meeting a manager ought to have with a new team member.

    Too many of us don't do a great job of focusing on hiring the right people…and then we compound the error by being too busy to get them off to a good start.

    But this is Manager Tools, and there's a right way. As we like to say, here's how.

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  6. First Meeting With A New Direct - Ask Questions | Manager Tools

    This guidance continues our recommendations about topics to cover with new directs, encouraging them to ask questions about everything they don't understand.

    In earlier guidance we recommended managers have a "First Meeting" with their new team member. We encouraged you to recommend to your directs some always applicable guidance: be honest, be kind, and achieve results. We also recommended that you make this meeting the first of several weekly meetings, where you could regularly communicate about important issues. This guidance continues our recommendations.

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  7. Out on the Wire Episode 7: Dark Forest

    The Dark Forest is where we go when we're deep in the writing process and lose our way. Overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, confusion, and inadequacy threaten to halt our stories’ progress. Sometimes, we forget why we started on the path in the first place. Luckily, many people have been here before, and they can help us find a way out. This week, we get very lost, and find our way back out again, thanks to Jad Abumrad, Jay Allison, Ira Glass, and more. Plus an interview with Kazu Kibuishi, creator of the graphic novel series Amulet.

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  8. Unjustly Maligned | “R.E.M., early” with Merlin Mann (Episode 48)


    “R.E.M., early” with Merlin Mann

    On a day that shouldn’t exist comes a podcast equally paradoxical. Merlin Mann joins Antony to sit still, garden at night, and talk about the passion of rock band R.E.M.’s early work.

    February 29, 2016

    1 hour, 12 minutes

    • Music

    Antony Johnston

    with Merlin Mann


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    "R.E.M., early" with Merlin Mann

    On a day that shouldn't exist comes a podcast equally paradoxical. Merlin Mann joins Antony to sit still, garden at night, and talk about the passion of rock band R.E.M.'s early work.

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