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  1. Design for the Wisdom of Crowds

    People are often dumb, so how can crowds be wise? James Surowiecki laid the groundwork in his book, "The Wisdom of Crowds." In this solo presentation, Derek Powazek will apply those ideas to the web, concentrating on how to design websites that empower people to work together to create something truly awesome.

    Derek Powazek Grand Poo-Bah, Powazek Productions

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  2. Document Strategy Podcast

    The Document Strategy Podcast is for technicians, managers, consultants, and decision makers who need to design a document strategy but struggle with how to do it.

    We will explore the various methods and concepts found in the book, Designing a Document Strategy, and listen to the perspectives and advice of content area experts who will share their experience designing successful strategies.

    Interview with John Mancini, President of AIIM, the Enterprise Content Management Association - Trends and advantages of Enterprise Content Management.

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  3. Tim O’Reilly: The War for the Web

    The early days of the internet were truly astonishing. As people came to comprehend the power of networked information, they seized the many opportunities for innovation created by the open architecture of the web. Of course, the browser wars also showed that threats to openness and interoperability were a real danger. Today, Tim O'Reilly worries that escalating competition between large companies and closed platforms may drive the web towards a battle ground of locked down services and proprietary data.

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