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  1. Afl. 86: Fons Verbeek (BioVerbeek) over een biomeiler in plaats van aardgas, en het verzet ertegen

    Aan de alternatieven voor fossiel kunnen we sinds kort de biomeiler toevoegen. Zo’n moderne variant van de composthoop zet biologisch afval uit de land- en tuinbouw om in duurzame warmte en compost. Biologisch tuinbouwbedrijf BioVerbeek wil zo’n biomeiler bouwen ter vervanging van de 3 miljoen m3 aardgas die het nu nog jaarlijks gebruikt. Met Fons Verbeek praat ik over het plan én het verzet ertegen.

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  2. Jo Handelsman on the Surprising News That the Earth is Running Out of Dirt - Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda -

    What do microbes, the soil, and climate change all have in common? Dr. Jo Handelsman studies microbes at the University of Wisconsin. She researches the vast array of microbes that live on us or in us, and also the even greater number that lurk in the soil beneath our feet. In this fascinating episode, Alan Alda talks with Dr. Handelsman, who served as the previous science advisor to President Barack Obama and as the Associate Director for Science at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, about why both the microbes within and below us are so important to our survival. Alan and Dr. Handelsman begin this conversation talking about the weather, which these days often leads to talk that’s far from small.

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  3. Kip Thorne Listened – and the Universe Chirped - Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda -

    He’s a Nobel and Kavli prizewinner for his role in what’s been described as one of humanity’s greatest scientific achievements – the detection of ripples in the fabric of space. He can also explain what that means! Kip Thorne is deeply committed to communicating science, even bringing it before the public by working with artists and filmmakers. Including, more than once, with Alan Alda.

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