Oh! The Humanity (Jon Fazzaro at Cincy Deliver 2021)

OR: Meatloaf Industrialism and the Organizing Principle of Agility

It’s why Scrum devolves into a two-week death march with a soul-sucking daily status update.

It's why Clean Code gets twisted into a way for frustrated senior devs to exert control over the codebase—because they have no say in anything that happens outside of it.

It's why SAFe is simultaneously a whole career path and every snarky agilist’s new favorite whipping boy.

Something is wrong in The Agile Space™, and I think I've put my finger on it. Let's talk about industrialism, agility, and humanity, to see if we can't agree on the problem before we dive head-first into solutions.

From Cincy Deliver 2021 (https://www.cincydeliver.org)

Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qYV_eWNl8vQ&feature=share
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