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  1. How to Dance With Uncertainty (to be a Better Product Manager)

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    Uncertainty is a big puzzle in product management. On one hand, uncertainty points the way to opportunity (if everything is clear, we may be in a commodity business). On the other, we are incentivized every day to have all the answers. What is the roadmap? Did that feature work? What is the top priority item?

    In this talk with John Cutler and Scott Middleton, we are going to explore ways to “dance” with uncertainty. To accept it. But also accept the pressure to reduce it. To communicate clearly and confidently without glossing over our assumptions. We end the chat with some specific models and techniques you can use in your day to day work.

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  2. Gary Haugen: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now

    Collective compassion has meant an overall decrease in global poverty since the 1980s, says civil rights lawyer Gary Haugen. Yet for all the world’s aid money, there’s a pervasive hidden problem keeping poverty alive. Haugen reveals the dark underlying cause we must recognize and act on now.

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  3. Peter Green: Leading change in complexity: how to take advantage of resistance to design good change experiments

    Most well-known approaches to change management treat change like a process that is rolled out. But change in human systems involves uncertainty, different preferences, and doing things for the first time.

    It is ripe for an Agile approach!

    As we’ve worked with senior leaders at dozens of companies to help them adopt a more agile approach to work, we’ve started to see a clear, agile approach to change emerge. Adopting ideas from Theory of Constraints, Lean Startup, and Agile, we’ll share an overview of the approach that is getting great results for our clients.

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  4. Adam Weisbart: The Facilitator’s Guide to Effortless Miracles

    Bruce Lee said: “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.”

    Masterful facilitators have a way of making the hard work of holding space for their teams look simple. When they are doing their job well, they often appear formless, enabling their team to discover their own direction without getting in the way.

    In this session, we’ll explore 3 frameworks you can use back at work to help your team find their own brilliant solutions to whatever they’re currently struggling with.

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  5. Melissa Boggs: The Truth about “Agile”

    Chances are, if you’ve been in the software development industry for any amount of time, you’ve heard the word “Agile” thrown around a time or two. Perhaps you’ve been part of an “Agile Transformation” or you have attended a certification course for Scrum or Kanban.

    In the 20 years since the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was drafted, “Agile” has taken on a life of its own. But what is “Agile” really, and what does it mean for you? Is it story points and two week deadlines? Is it kumbaya and “soft skills”? In this talk, we’ll get into some real truths and real talk about what it means to be agile in today’s changing world.

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  6. Andrea Fryrear: Unexpected Agility: Why the Key to High Performance Marketing Lies with People Not Projects

    Total organizational agility is the future of business, yet only a tiny fraction of organizations have successfully managed a complete Agile transformation. With its litany of benefits and decades of application history, why does Agile struggle to make the jump to the rest of the organization?

    What if the very experiences that drive Agile change agents to evangelize it outside of IT are standing in the way of total Agile transformation? Join Certified Professional in Agile Coaching and 15-year digital marketer Andrea Fryrear as she uses Agile marketing departments as a case study for understanding and eliminating the cognitive biases that hold back business agility efforts.

    By the end of this hands-on session, you’ll be able to: Overcome the translation problems that arise when introducing Agile ways of working to groups that have never used them before Identify and mitigate the two most detrimental cognitive biases that plague Agile trainers, coaches, and change agents Help marketers (and other non-Agile groups) start exploring Agile by taking a people-first approach, instead of a process-first approach

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  7. Michelle Johnson: Why DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Matters

    Organizations frequently use the terms diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as if they are synonymous, which they are not. Truly embedding DEI principals requires deep organizational commitment and skill. Agile principles, employed consistently, offer guideposts for building and maintaining diverse and inclusive teams. This session will help participants understand what DEI really means and explore the mission critical nature of equity and inclusion work. National racial equity trainer Michelle Johnson will talk about how patterns of historical inequity, and individual, institutional and cultural bias show up on teams today. Building diverse and inclusive teams is essential for organizational growth, health and, ultimately, success. She will offer support in how teams can build skills to address issues of race and gender.

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  8. Emily Epstein: Gender & Negotiation: It’s Not Your Fault, and You Still Have to Fix it

    Do you work with women? Are you a woman? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you need to learn how gender impacts our attempts at influencing and persuading one another. (If the answer is no…we really need to talk.) This interactive workshop gives women the tools they need to navigate prejudice at the negotiation table and gives everyone the tools we need to create a more even playing field.

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