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  1. David Foster Wallace: The ‘Fresh Air’ Interview : NPR

    In 1996, Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest was a critical and popular success. The new movie The End of The Tour recreates the author’s tour for that book. Originally broadcast March 5, 1997. was middlingly-talented athlete but my big problem, and the coach told me at age 13, kid, you got a bad head. And what he meant was I would choke. I would begin thinking about, oh no, what if this happens and then I would say well, shut up, don’t think about it. And then I would say to myself, but how can I not think about it if I’m not thinking about it. And meanwhile, you know, I’m standing, drooling, on the baseline going through this whole not very interesting game of mental ping-pong while the other guy is briskly going about the business of winning the match.


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