A Conversation with John Piper and John MacArthur | Desiring God

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  1. John Warren on the Bible Answer Man Podcast

    On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank mentions that we live, not so much in a post-modern world, but a post-truth world. Hank discusses how the CRI resource for May, Saving Truth: Finding Meaning & Clarity in a Post-Truth World by Abdu Murray. Hank also mentions he has a truly special program lined up for today. Hank is joined on the program by John Warren, author of The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits and founder of CFS Financial. John’s passion is using his skills, experience, and education to advance Christian education and the work of churches and parachurch ministries, and has provided consulting services to schools, churches, and ministries nationwide.

    Hank also answers the following questions:

    How do we make sense of Adam and Eve in the garden, and God who is all-knowing and all-seeing? I recently heard Michael Youssef talking about merits and crowns we receive in Heaven. Can you address this for me? May 7, 2018

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  2. Lawson, MacArthur, Mohler, and Sproul: Questions and Answers

    A questions and answers session with Drs. Steven Lawson, John MacArthur, Albert Mohler and R.C. Sproul.


    1. Dr. MacArthur, can you tell us about the Shepherds Conference? (1:09)
    2. How do you explain the term “Reformed" to a someone unfamiliar to Reformed teaching? (2:34)
    3. Is our still heart deceitfully wicked after we are born again? (4:47)
    4. How should I share the gospel when it could cost me my job? (7:08)
    5. Is it biblical to say God "loves you" to believers and nonbelievers alike? (9:32)
    6. What does it mean when we confess that Jesus has a reasonable soul? (13:05)
    7. Dr. MacArthur, you spoke at 2016 Shepherds Conference about clergy malpractice. What did you mean by that? (17:08)
    8. How can I best prepare students to live their faith out in public schools? (19:17)
    9. How do I counsel a Reformed mother who is married to a Roman Catholic? (22:25)
    10. With the rise of seeker-sensitive churches, how do we understand biblically ‘seeking’ God? (25:02)
    11. How do you define a false teacher? How much error is needed before they are considered false? (32:23)
    12. How is the current cultural climate forcing the "mushy middle" out of the church? (35:55)
    13. Giving the failure of ecumenical movements, how do you promote unity in doctrine? (37:59)

    Note: Answers given during Panel Discuss…

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  3. John MacArthur, Social Juctice, The Statement and Heresy

    On this episode of The Urban Perspective, we bring back Pastor Rasool Berry, one of the Teaching Pastor of The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, NY, to talk about John MacArthur’s articles of social justice, Founders Ministries statement of Social Justice and the Gospel and more.

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    We apologize for Rasool’s audio on the vodcast, there was an issue not noticed until the video was complete.

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