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  1. Brian Clark on Why Not Being a Techie May Be a Benefit To Starting a Technology Company | Rainmaker.FM

    It’s hard to be a non-techie in this tech-driven world. So it may seem almost impossible to start or run a tech company when you’re not one. But as the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital (Brian Clark) is going explain, that lack of technical expertise may be your greatest asset.

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    While Brian understands technology well, he’s made it a practice of finding the right partners to build what has evolved into Rainmaker Digital.

    Trust, open feedback, and understanding your customers needs are the tip of the iceberg when starting a tech company. But as Brian points out, it isn’t always the technical skills that make a great technology-focused CEO.

    In this 12-minute episode I walk you through:

    The evolution of Copyblogger

    The challenges for a non-techie

    How involved is the CEO in the tech-side of the business

    The rationale behind employee side-projects (sidebar but interesting)

    Why being a non-techie is often an advantage for a CEO

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  2. The Secrets to the Phenomenal Success of Copyblogger

    Brian Clark, Founder of Copyblogger, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the mechanics of a content-driven company, the teachability of content marketing success, and the ongoing changes to the original social media as blogs become multi-author blogs.

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