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  1. Tools, Platforms, and Resources Optimizing Your Data’s Impact — Tom Treanor // Treasure Data

    This week we're going to talk about the mindset, tools, and best practices behind using your data to guide you to marketing success. Joining us is Tom Treanor, the Global Head of Marketing at Arm Treasure Data. In last part of our conversation, we're going to talk about some of the tools, platforms, and resources you can use to optimize your data's impact. Show Notes

    Connect With: Tom Treanor: Website // LinkedInThe MarTech Podcast: Email // LinkedIn // TwitterBenjamin Shapiro: Website // LinkedIn //  Twitter

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  2. Power BI & More: Customer Insights with Matt Wittemann - CRM Audio

    This episode has been brought to you by KingswaySoft. The new Customer Insights with Matt Wittemann. Dynamics 365 and CRM legend Matt Wittemann joins the podcast to discuss the Customer Insights solution that was made generally available recently. Customer Insights have been in preview for a few years. During this time they have been some …

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  3. Hitler Was ‘Blitzed’ on Cocaine And Opiates During The War, Author Says : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Author Norman Ohler says that Adolf Hitler's drug abuse increased "significantly" from the fall of 1941 until winter of 1944: "Hitler needed those highs to substitute [for] his natural charisma."

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  4. #159: Stronger, Faster, Harder to Kill

    Last year I got an email out of the blue from a guy named Tod Moore inviting me to a weekend of doing various man skills: shooting guns, butchering animals, doing obstacle races. Of course, I was in. The event was called the Vanguard, which was put on by a gym in Austin, Texas called Atomic Athlete. Their goal is overall strength and conditioning, and on today's show, I talk to the two founders of the gym about lifting, conditioning, the psychology of strength, and more.

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  5. Food Safety Talk 108: Hyperbole and Fire Ants — Food Safety Talk

    Ben and Don are joined on this episode by special guest John "if I was a rock star you would have heard of me" Roderick. John does not like potatoes, but he does ask lots of great questions.

    Water activity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Clostridium perfringens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Steak tartare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Home | Conference on World Affairs | University of Colorado Boulder

    Public Health Focus > Bisphenol A (BPA): Use in Food Contact Application

    Category:Swamps of North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    John's band, The Long Winters

    Food Safety Talk 39: Des Moines is Known for their Scallops — Food Safety Talk

    Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Bareilly and Salmonella Nchanga Infections Associated with Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA Frozen Raw Tuna from India

    FDA issues final rule on safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps

    Genetically modified food - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    FDA Food Code

    1993 Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    To hear more from John, check out his other podcasts Roderick on the Line and Road Work.

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  6. Cory Doctorow on the Internet of Things

    Mike Inman January 22nd, 2015 Great talk Cory.

    While I agree with the premise that secure communications and open platforms are key elements in improving my children’s futures, I still find myself using a gmail account due to lack of competitive secure alternatives.

    Sure, I have a couple of POP3/SMTP access points on which I can use any e-mail software, including highly secure options, but so few of my e-mail interactions would benefit from this (due to the receiving side not using secure options), and the lack of “cloud” access from any device, decades of 99.9999% reliable archiving, and a 900lb gorilla manning the whitelist/blacklist issues for the domain, means that the “open for snooping” alternative is where I do virtually all of my communication.

    I suppose Google is a little better than Facebook et. al, but I still am wishing for a digital world where you don’t have to do business with a 900lb gorilla to get basic services that work.


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