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  1. Security Now! - Episode #170 - The TKIP Hack

    Steve and Leo begin with a refresher on WEP, the original technology of WiFi encryption. With that fresh background, they then tackle the detailed explanation of every aspect of the recently revealed very clever hack against the TKIP security protocol. TKIP is the older and less secure of the two security protocols offered within the WPA and WPA2 WiFi Alliance certification standards.

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  2. yayQuery Podcast - A jQuery Podcast

    Episode 8, 9 & 10 | Happy Birthday jQuery!

    Let the celeb-YAY-tion commence! It's jQuery's birthday, but you'll be the one unwrapping the gift of 1.4! We'll get you up to speed on all of the last-minute goodies, and bring you along on a mini-tour of the upcoming jQuery UI 1.8 release. With forays into CSS, ECMA 5, and outright falsehoods, it's sure to be the adventure of a lifetime! If you've missed us the last two weeks, you definitely won't want to miss yayQuery[10]!

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