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  1. SxSW2009; Developing Super Senses: Tools to Know Your Users

    You know you need to do user research, but how? Should you write surveys, do focus groups, or develop personas? And how do you act on what you've learned? We've been in the trenches and have concrete suggestions on what you can, and should do NOW to conduct effective user research.

    Mark Trammell Digg; Juliette Melton User Experience Mgr, Lumos Labs; Nate Bolt Bolt|Peters; Carla Borsoi VP Research & Analytics,; Andy Budd Clearleft Ltd


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  2. Version Control: No More Save As…

    No longer something just big companies do, version control can be just as useful for small teams and even one-man bands. This panel will discuss what tools are available, differing approaches to controversial topics like branching, and whether to use hosted or in-house.

    Matt Mullenweg, Automattic / WordPress

    Karen Nguyen, Yahoo!

    Zach Nies, Rally Software Development

    Joe Pezzillo,

    Derek Scruggs, SurveyGizmo

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  3. A Brave New Future for Book Publishing

    Call SXSW 2009’s infamous “New Think for Old Publishers” (aka “Geeks School New York”) a missed opportunity. How did book publishing become the last media industry to embrace digital and how will this change? New publishing models, strategy and a brave future for books and we who love them.

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  4. The City Is A Platform

    Cities abound in data generated by their inhabitants (virtual worlds, city websites) and created automatically by systems or monitoring. How does this online manifestation of the city interact in tangible ways with urban design and informal urban constructs? Is there such a thing as "the street as platform"?

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