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  1. Allusionist 100. The Hundredth — The Allusionist

    To mark the 100th episode of the Allusionist, here’s a celebratory parade

    of language-related facts.

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  2. The Big Picture: The Takeaway From ‘Django Unchained’ : NPR

    Quentin Tarantino’s latest film is proving to be one of his most controversial. Django Unchained has drawn admiration and condemnation from critics, and has sparked debates about history, race and violence. NPR’s Celeste Headlee reads from a variey of opinion pieces about the film.

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  3. Golden Globe *Winner* Paul Giamatti (the director’s cut) | The Dinner Party Download from American Public Media

    ’s been a big week for Paul Giamatti. His film, Barney’s Version, opened on Friday to stellar reviews. Two days later, his performance earned him the “Best Actor - Comedy or Musical” nod at the Golden Globes, giving him the opportunity to praise his “trifecta of hottie” co-stars on national television. And to complete the sweep, he graced our (audio) table as a DPD Guest of Honor.

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  4. ‘Thrones,’ ‘Killing’ Return … And Revert To Old Habits : NPR

    Both Game of Thrones and The Killing drew a lot of attention during their first seasons, and both are back Sunday night to start a second year — one hoping to build on the momentum from some positive late-season buzz, the other hoping to overcome some negative buzz from last year’s cliffhanger.

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  5. Movie Review - ‘Hugo’ - A Dazzling 3-D Display Of Movie Magic : NPR

    Martin Scorsese’s film, adapted from Brian Selznick’s children’s book, follows a young orphan (Asa Butterfield) who stumbles on a mystery while living in a Paris train station. Critic David Edelstein says the movie’s dazzling effects redeem the 3-D genre.

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