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  1. Episode 005 – Interview with Chris Aldrich - Thinking About Tools For Thought

    Links from today’s episode: Chris Aldrich web site Gardens & Streams II (Indieweb pop-up event) on September 25, 2021 Obsidian ( Hypothesis ( Knowledge and Power in Prehistoric Societies: Orality, Memory, and the Transmission of Culture by Lynne Kelly (Cambridge, 2015) Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly (Pegasus, 2019) Anthropology: Why it Matters by Tim Ingold (Polity Press, 2018) How… Continue reading Episode 005 – Interview with Chris Aldrich

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  2. The Cultures: 270: Zettelkasten, Meaningless Rituals and Self-Control,

    Zettelkasten (, )

    Data Sabbath ( on iOS,

    on Android) Note: No Andrea this ep

    Follow us at @culturescast, and our hosts on Twitter at @adrianhon @naomialderman @andrhia We’re on Mastodon at


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  3. No. 6 - Note-Taking and The Zettelkasten in The Productivity Podcast

    Listen and download The Productivity Podcast’s episodes for free. In this episode I discuss my experience with the niche and extremely powerful note-taking system known as the Zettelkasten. The system is used to orga…

    Podcast: The Productivity Podcast. Channel: The Productivity Podcast. Time: 12:12 Uploaded 26/07 a las 10:14:18 73261742

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  4. Episode 004 – Experiments with OPML - Thinking About Tools For Thought

    Links from today’s episode: OPML Home Page – Contains link to OPML specification Instant Outlines – Describes the use of these in Drummer activism.opml – Example file for testing Radio Userland – Prior product by Dave Winer Inter-outline inclusion – Writeup by Dave Winer OPML spec on inter-outline inclusion elections.opml – Example file mentioned (expanded… Continue reading Episode 004 – Experiments with OPML

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  5. Cal Newport on a world without email - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Does your inbox make you miserable? Is the constant barrage of back and forth emails stopping you from doing deeper, more focussed work you actually need to do? You are not alone. According to , on average, email interrupts knowledge workers work every six minutes. There is an alternative. Cal walks us through why our relationship with email is dysfunctional and how to break up with it. Cal’s book: A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in the Age of Overload Producer:

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  6. How to pull off a radical career change at any age, we bust some myths - This Working Life - ABC Radio National

    Changing careers isn’t easy - overcoming inertia is hard and knowing where to start can seem really difficult. Career coach debunks some myths and steps us through the process. We also meet some brave souls who’ve pulled it off including criminologist turned crime writer , former lawyer now psychiatrist-in-training and who left a 12-year career in digital media to follow her passion and become a forest therapy guide. Producer:

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