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WWW, October 2007 - Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound takes a special place within the catalogue of UK DUB and Reggae productions, ever since he started releasing.

When you hear words like "experimental" or "progressive", more often than not you are listening to word that covers up an inability to work with the real deal rather than an accurate description of someone's productions.

It's sad, but true.

However, there are producers who have proven themselves to be worthy of carrying such descriptions and Adrian Sherwood definitely is one of them.

He started his On-U project in 1980, and has been steadily releasing material that would at least inspire many other producers. Whether he recorded singers like Bim Sherman or DJ's like Prince Far I, every time he managed to add that special touch that would become his trademark to the day this is written (October 2007).

Although Sherwood definitely knows his Reggae, he also mixes (elements of) other musical forms with the rhythm of the drum and bassline. His philosophy and musical in-sight make him come up with original experiments and progressive productions that may not be appreciloved by the purists, but will be acknowledged by every true connoisseur of Reggae Music.

In this podcast, we are being treated to 5 excellent maxi-singles from the Sherwood Stable, showcasing his material from especially the early 1980's.

A deep, deep DUB experience like no other Sound can give On-U!

1982-83; 1a. "You´re The One" - Bim Sherman
1b. "Pounding System" - Dub Syndicate
1c. "Bedward The Flying Preacher" - Prince Fari + Singers & Players
1981; 2. "Family Doctoring" - African Head Charge 1984;
3. "Over Board" - Dub Syndicate 1983;
4a. "African Blood" - Singers & Players
4b. "Blood Shed" - Singers & Players
5. "Two thieves And A Liar" - Gary Clail + On-U Sound System

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