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Hey Pal,

First, I dig the microcasts — and they have me thinking a lot about sustainable blogging practices, too.

Here’s why:

For some people, blogging is a nonstarter because they feel like whatever they publish has to be perfect.

If you aren’t already a strong writer, that creates barriers — You have to write for hours to get your words into a form that communicates your thinking accurately.

Then, you have to edit for hours until it feels right.

But something like a microcast is far more approachable.

You record for two minutes and hit publish.

What’s even more valuable about YOUR microcasts is they become a model for others that the content you post on your blog DOESN’T have to be highly polished.

When the folks we are supporting see that we are willing to put work up that isn’t “perfect,” it becomes a heckuva’ lot easier to sell the notion that their work doesn’t have to be perfect easier.

That’s important in today’s day and age, where blogs are getting slicker as writers and thinkers use them as the primary vehicle to sell their own ideas.

As I’ve mentioned before — I don’t hold anything against people creating remarkable content because it is their business and their blog is their marketing vehicle for drumming up new gigs.

That’s increased the overall quality of what is freely available to me.

But the consequence is that as new thinkers see more and more highly polished content, the notion of what a “blog” is changes.

It used to be that quick, transparent reflection that wasn’t perfect was the norm rather than the exception to the rule.

Now, the people with the biggest followings — and therefore the biggest influence on our notions of what a blog should look like — are almost universally creating stuff that is beyond even my ability to create.

That means blogs are becoming less and less approachable for the average teacher.

The exemplars that we see and use and imagine when we say the word “blog” are being created by professionals.

It would be like expecting someone to pick up tennis after watching Roger Federer win the Aussie Open.

More likely, we’d be intimidated because we know that there’s no chance of emulating his performance.

All this to say that I’m inspired by the notion of microcasting — and doing more of it on

my blog.

It’s sustainable because it takes away the writing component that can paralyze so many people.

It’s quick because each “session” is only a few short minutes long.

And it models a “publish > polish” approach to reflection on the web.

Any of this make sense to you?



What tool/service do you use for your microcasts?


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