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Primary School Teacher, Glasgow, Scotland.

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  1. Police in Helicopter

    Reggae’s classic ganja tune & incendiary protest song re-licked for 2021 with two of the Jamaican “reggae revival“ movement’s stars, Yaadcore & Jah9, updating the vibes on the mic alongside Lee “Scratch” Perry’s NYC band Subatomic Sound System producing the heavyweight riddim in the future dubwise style of their acclaimed “Super Ape Returns to Conquer” album. Originally recorded in 1982 by John Holt & The Roots Radics at Channel One Studio, this song captured the hearts of a generation opposed to the CIA-funded, $9 million campaign by Jamaican police to eradicate marijuana from the island. With the goal of bringing this musical history to a new generation, Yard Birdz Records approached Emch of Subatomic Sound System to recreate the riddim with 21st century sub bass and drums, helicopters swirling overhead, and plenty of dubwise smoke & fire. Jah9 brings new vibes to John Holt’s original lyrics with her signature vocal style that evokes the deep, powerful tone of US jazz giant Nina Simone or Lauryn Hill. Known for her own poetic protest music as well as recent boomshot collaborations with Chronixx, Jah9’s performance demonstrates why her unique sound has paved the way for a new generation of women in reggae. Meanwhile, Yaadcore turns up the heat with all new verses addressing today’s can…

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  2. The right-wing groups behind renewable energy misinformation

    Across the country, NIMBY groups are organizing to block solar, wind, and other clean-energy projects, and to pass state laws restricting renewable energy development. Journalist Michael Thomas took a deep dive into the right-wing billionaires & think tanks behind these community groups. We discuss what he found.

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  3. Episode 541: No Whammies, Big Money - Core Intuition

    Daniel and Manton talk about trying to get more serious about marketing. How do we actually measure the success of advertising campaigns, and should we aim to attract more “influencers” to our products? Manton tries to be conscious of wrapping up high-pressure work in time to take it easy for the holidays. Finally, Daniel gives an update on his continuing efforts to get MarsEdit 5 approved in the Mac App Store.

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  4. Episode 539: Frustrated On Your Behalf - Core Intuition

    Manton and Daniel talk about payments from the Small App Developer settlement against Apple. Why does Manton refuse to accept free money, and are there valid reasons to opt out of the settlement? Then they reflect on the wave of opportunity from Twitter’s drastic downfall, and whether Manton and Daniel can “catch it”. Finally, Manton remembers the IndieWeb principles about plurality and monoculture, and they discuss how that might relate to Mastodon.

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