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Primary School Teacher, Glasgow, Scotland.

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  1. Episode Intros And

    Episode 1: Intros and Going Serverless

    This time, on clevercast, I introduce the show, and then talk about a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot latelty: going serverless for my personal website.

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  2. Alan Spence | Free Podcasts | PodOmatic”

    Our first podcast of 2018 features an interview with new Edinburgh Makar Alan Spence. Novelist, short-story writer, dramatist and, of course, poet, Spence is one of the leading lights of the Scottish literary scene. With his work informed by his Buddhism, Spence imbues his poetry with both a cosmic perspective and a Scottish sensibility to comic and enlightening effect. During the course of the interview, Spence discusses Zen and the art of poetry, working with visual artists, and the rivalry between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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  3. Writing Workflows - GCU 12 | Getting Caught Up

    Jeff talks about how he writes his blog, his new toy, Mike explains why he spends 2 hours a week sending one email, and Jeff gets advice on Imposter Syndrome in the after show.

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  4. An Indieweb Podcast Episode 0 | David Shanske

    Test episode of An Indieweb Podcast

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  5. Ep. 74 Damien Williams “We Built It From Us” | Team Human

    Playing for Team Human today is interdisciplinary thinker and technology philosopher Damien Williams. In this episode, Williams and Rushkoff look at the embedded biases of technology and the values programed into our mediated lives. How has a conception of technology as “objective” blurred our vision to the biases normalized within these systems? What ethical interrogation might we apply to such technology? And finally, how might alternative modes of thinking, such as magick, the occult, and the spiritual help us to bracket off these systems for pause and critical reflection? This conversation serves as a call to vigilance against runaway systems and the prejudices they amplify.Learn more about Damien’s work at begins today’s show with a story from home. A well-meaning school administrator begins using social media to promote his school, posting pictures of students and classroom activities. As parents become upset, the question arises: Why is it so easy to lose sight of the design and purpose behind these platforms?"This show features our usual intro and outro music thanks to Fugazi and Discord Records. Mid show you heard Throbbing Gristle (Listen to Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Douglas on Episode 67)A very special thanks to our new patrons who support the show via Patreon. Go to to subscribe and receive patron exclusives.

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  6. 🎙 Microcast #011 – Can’t Beat Them, Join Them and Make Them Better – Read Write Collect

    You don’t have to be “protech” or “anti-tech.” Indeed, it’s hard to imagine how someone could realistically be said to be “anti-tech” – your future is going to have more technology in it, so the question isn’t, “Should we use technology?” but rather, “Which technology should we use?” – Cory Doctorow

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  7. Disrupting the disruptors - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Has our contemporary embrace of disruption become a problem rather than a solution?

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  8. Microcast #000 | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    Just setting this thing up with the assistance of my two children…


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  9. Subnet #2: February 23, 2018 - Relay FM

    Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has been leaked, the FCC is being sued over its net neutrality repeal, and Snap’s stock tumbled after a disgruntled tweet.

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  10. Mac Power Users #418: Workflows with Rose Orchard - Relay FM

    Rose Orchard joins us to discuss her transition from teacher to automator including creating workflows, maximizing efficiency on Mac and iOS, we discuss the Sonos One and the Apple HomePod, travel tips and more.

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