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  1. James Allen , Out From The Heart ( Complete )

    MIND IS THE ARBITER of life. It is the creator and shaper of conditions, and the recipient of its own results. It contains within itself both the power to create illusion and to perceive reality. Mind is the infallible weaver of destiny. Thought is the thread, good and evil deeds are the “warp and woof” or foundation, and the web, woven upon the loom of life, is character. Mind clothes itself in garments of its own making.

    Man, as a mental being, possesses all the powers of mind, and is furnished with unlimited choice. He learns by experience, and he can accelerate or retard his experience. He is not arbitrarily bound at any point, but he has bound himself at many points, and having bound himself he can, when he chooses, liberate himself.

    He can become bestial or pure, ignorant or noble, foolish or wise, just as he chooses. He can, by reoccurring practice, form habits, and he can, by renewed effort, break them off. He can surround himself with illusions until Truth is completely lost, and he can destroy each of those illusions until Truth is entirely recovered. His possibilities are endless; his freedom is complete.

    It is the nature of the mind to create its own conditions, and to choose the states in which it shall dwell. It also has the power to alter any cond…

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  2. Ask Kenji Anything #1

    Here’s my response to some of your questions. The first half of this originally streamed live on the Serious Eats subreddit.

    Leave some more questions here in the comments and I’ll get to some of them in my next AMA video!

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