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  1. QPR: Quotidian Public Radio - QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment” on Huffduffer

    QPR: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”

    MP3 Download: QPR - Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment”Social Media expert, Dr. Robert Chandler (onFocus University), joins Connor to discuss web-based community and user-generated content. He also tak…

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  2. Gordon Hempton — Silence and the Presence of Everything - The On Being Project

    The acoustic ecologist on collecting sounds around the world and why silence is an endangered species on the verge of extinction.

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  3. Zelda

    John Siracusa returns to Pragmatic to discuss everything Zelda related, with a focus on Breath of the Wild and how so many established Zelda gameplay rules were thrown out the window with resounding success.

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  4. Amy Klobuchar Speach

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  5. the stuttering john podcast

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  6. Six Colors Secret Podcast

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  7. Tim Nahumck Teaches Max How to Use Drafts | Do By Friday on Patreon

    Official Post from Do By Friday: No Peanut Butter! Max surprised Alex and Merlin with a guided tutorial from Tim Nahumck, an iOS evangelist who literally wrote the book on the new Drafts 5. If you like this treat, consider giving us your money.

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  8. Become a Successful Maker Without Destroying Yourself (FS223)

    No matter what kind of business you’re thinking of starting, you have got to solve a REAL problem with a REAL solution.

    We tear apart this idea in depth with Dan and Tom from [Studio Neat], makers of fine, modern physical products.

    They’ve just launched a brand new (and very unique) [notebook on Kickstarter], and it hit it’s goal in just a few hours.

    So, naturally, we wanted to ask them about what they’ve learned about business in their several years creating successful products from scratch.

    Here’s three pieces of advice from them good for all of us, no matter the kind of business we’re running:

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  9. Jon Favreau and Rick Wilson on bad bills and worse messaging

    The Affordable Care Act has polled poorly for years — but Republicans’ health bill is polling even worse.

    What does it mean for the GOP to have such an unpopular bill, and how can progressives take advantage of it? On this PULSE CHECK, you’ll hear from two experts in political messaging and strategy.

    First, Jon Favreau, who was the chief speechwriter for President Obama and is a cofounder of Crooked Media, a new liberal political media network, sits down with POLITICO’s Dan Diamond to talk about setting Affordable Care Act strategy, Republicans’ struggles to craft a health bill of their own, and how his views on media have changed since starting a media company. (Starts at the 1:50 mark.)

    Then after the break, Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist who helped attack the Affordable Care Act, explains why Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions protections are the “nuclear bomb” against critics of the law, why he’s no fan of Republicans’ current health care strategy, and how the GOP is risking the party’s political future by pushing a bad bill. (Starts at the 38:50 mark.)

    We’d appreciate your help: Please share PULSE CHECK and rate us on your favorite podcast app!

    Have questions, suggestions or feedback? Email

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  10. YANSS 095 – How to fight back against the backfire effect

    If you ask a social scientist familiar with motivated reasoning and the backfire effect if there is any hope […]

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