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John was very fortunate to have had family that owned a computer store in 1981 this kindled the technology spark that now burns throughout his life. From desktop to server and all the topology in-between John has worked the full spectrum of the Information Technology field and has been working with connected networks since the days of 300 baud modems.  
John started his collegiate life with a full ride scholarship to a theater arts conservatory.  Never one to take the easy way out John left behind his full ride and went on to study bio-chemistry and education.  John is currently an Adjunct Professor at Portland State University teaching Social Media Marketing.    

His career and life have been a mix of the technical and the creative.  Inspired by Howard Rheingold and Jaron Lanier,  John had a stint as a Virtual Reality consultant in the early 90’s  that gave him an insight into the evolution of our interface with technology.  John was also fortunate to be in on the ground floor of the internet working with Intel beta testing some of the first web servers and building out one of the first corporate intranets.  

While operating a Y2K consulting firm John was made an offer he could not refuse and went on to become the Sr. Network Engineer for a multi-national corporation with thirty subsidiaries.  Modernizing their systems and building out the entire corporate Active Directory Forest from scratch John’s team achieved success under ridiculous timelines.  Working with the Department of Defense, FAA and various other governmental organizations assuring federally mandated compliance of systems and software John became well versed in “red tape”.  After a five year stint John decided to evolve in a new direction.  

He moved on to work as a software engineer and architect for the Digital Universe ("The Digital Universe aims to be the definitive repository of human knowledge online.").  Eventually becoming the Technology Evangelist for the Digital Universe Foundation. John worked with NASA,  Environmental Literacy Council, Earth 911, Cosmos Studios, The Jane Goodall Institute, Lawrence Lessig, Dr. Robert W. Corell, Larry Sanger(co-founder Wikipedia), the afore mentioned Howard Rheingold as well as many other organizations and truly amazing people.  
In 2006 John formed Feedia a transmedia production company where he helps companies to take advantage of market opportunities arising from the evolution of the social media space through an understanding of the convergence of media and the Internet. He is a strong advocate for the application of digital ethnography in understanding the modern consumer in this convergence culture and believes in the evolution of brand and the principles of Lovemarks to develop affinity.

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