Is it sin to say “I AM more than enough” as a positive affirmation?

So many people are consumed by debilitating, immobilizing, damning shame and the constant need to prove ourselves to others and to ourselves. We never feel like we are enough. Consequently, we self medicate. We fill our lives with unrighteous desires, money, sex, drugs, food, etc. These bad habits generate even more guilt and shame, and we attempt to hide from the world. It’s a vicious downward cycle, encouraged by Satan.

The antidote is, of course, the atonement and love of Christ. When we fully accept and trust his love and atonement for us, and we turn our lives over to him, He can and does save us from this terrible cycle.

And once we are saved — once we are "married" to him and we have become his people — we are no longer guilty and flawed. He has taken our place on the cross, and we take his place, with all his perfection and flawlessness. At that stage, we must believe that we are enough. If we do not believe that we are enough after that, then we do not have sufficient faith in the atonement and love of Jesus Christ. We are enough BECAUSE of him. And if we are still not enough — if we still lack something — then it must be that the atonement and his love was NOT enough for us.

I address the question of whether Christians should declare to themselves, "I am more than enough" in the …

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