HOW does Attraction REALLY work?

Are "The Secret" and "the "Law of Attraction" REAL? Can I really just think about, focus on, desire, or want something long enough and hard enough that it will just come to me? Wayne Dyer says, "You attract what you ARE." We all do. But what does that even mean? And how can I BE someone different if I’m not attracting the things I want right now?

The truth is, you are attracting whatever you feel comfortable with and worthy of. You are attracting what you subconsciously believe that you deserve and that you are capable of maintaining. If you are not attracting the life that you believe you want, it is because you don’t believe you are capable and worthy of that life. If that life were to show up for you tomorrow, you would reject it via self sabotage. You would say, "this kind of thing doesn’t happen to ME…I don’t deserve this."

Before you can lead the life you want to live, you must occur to yourself differently. You must change the way you subconsciously think about yourself and the things you truly believe about yourself.

When you are truly convinced and subconsciously certain that the life you currently lead is below the life you deserve and the life you are capable of, you will absolutely receive a better life, because you will no longer be comfortable in your current life, and you will seek-…

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