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  1. 5: ‘Modern Minimalism’, with Eli Schiff — subjective


    Eli Schiff, find him online at and on Twitter @eli_schiff

    Critical Sharks

    Read part one, part two, part three and part four…and the follow-up to feedback

    Marco Arment feeling misquoted

    Marco’s original blog post, ‘Apple has lost the functional high ground’

    Marco’s blog post in response, ‘Censoring myself for Apple’

    iOS Human Interface Guidelines

    Jony Ive’s new look for iOS 7: black, white, and flat all over

    Apple execs say iOS and OS X won’t merge, and 10.10 will prove that

    With iOS 8, The iPhone Will Become Your Digital Hub

    iOS 9 and Snow Leopard Moments

    App Store policies and environment

    Apple Has Paid $20 Billion To iOS Devs, Half Of It In The Past Year

    App Store Review Guidelines

    Developers and the Fear of Apple - Slashdot

    Here’s How Apple Can Make iOS Developers Happy In 2014

    Functionality and Reliability of OS X and iOS


    OS X 10.10 Yosemite features translucent windows, dark mode, redesigned icons, new controls and more

    Microsoft’s Metro UI (design language)

    The Entrenchment of Modern Minimalism by Eli Schiff

    iOS Human Interface Guidelines - App Icon

    Common App Rejections -

    Apple’s Snow Leopard—an OS without new features

    Tim Cook Talks About Why iOS Chief Scott Forstall Was Fired

    Apple Watch and Watch OS

    Apple Watch debuts, backordered until June

    Watch OS

    Apple Watch app developers say it’s all about timely notifications

    Interactive notifications in iOS 8: Explained - iMore

    The 8 essential Apple Watch gestures every buyer needs to know

    Apple Watch takes the Digital Crown

    Life Alert Emergency Response

    Everything Apple Watch apps can’t do

    Taptic, haptics, and the body fantastic: The real Apple Watch revolution


    Apple becoming a fashion company

    The hardware design of the MacBook Pro

    Choosing thinness over better battery life (‘An iPhone 6 owner lives with the iPhone 6 Plus’)

    The affects of social media on our perception of Apple, the largest company on earth


    The safe nature of the podcasting medium, and the use of Pixelmator for iPad in the making of a Twitter avatar

    Running Time: 1:17:01

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