(Time Stamps): 1:25 Shogun teasing us without a valid UK loicence. 2:30 Shaming Pocket poo-C’s for not being Deal-do’s. 7:57 Show begins proper.

(Questions begin) 15:17 About TFM’s new book. 16:58 V is for Vendetta. 18:44 Hypergamy, hypocrisy, and charity deek. 25:04 Minimum wage vs The machines. 30:24 Some gaming talk. 36:56 UBI and Negative Income Taxation. 47:05 Banking on a baby. 50:30 Higher taxes vs Printing more money. 55:48 What Happened to College. 1:01:01 Higher Education is destroying The West. 1:06:21 Working less for More pay. 1:12:06 Everybody hates Juice. 1:14:19 Opinions on keeping your blacksmiths well fed. 1:19:47 About the S37 Strike, and Big Black Cuc4s. 1:25:44 (Because you don’t dip your face into an ice cream box where other men have been sticking their deeks; don’t be the sucker in the lineup of guys who’ve had their turn at that bleeding hole). … Saving a brother. … WWTD 1:36:05 Kicking Toms in the Ghetto. … Investing for starters. … More about Ebonics Culture.

(Call Ins) 1:46:40 First CALLER; How to start an exodus. 2:05:05 Second CALLER; Nihilism vs Self actualization. 2:15:51 Third CALLER; Looking for true love. 2:27:57 What losing your virginity feels like. 2:30:46 What makes a man feel like the Man. 2:41:02 Don’t fawk with Murica.

(Questions continue) 2:5…

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