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  1. College is the Real Maze Monster [Episode 1]

    Welcome to the world of PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS: An Official Troika Actual Play Podcast! In this episode, we meet Thomas Albert College's ThACo Troika Club, as they investigate where their lost Game Master has gone.

    Also, they end up in a magical fantasy realm. Probably should have led with that…

    Shout-out Spotlight: Melsonian Arts Counsel (and Daniel Sell) for Troika! Numinous Edition [], and Invisible Collective's Battlesloths []

    Check out the PRøDUCTS & PLäCEMENTS sourcebook at

    Revolution Void's Effects of Elevation EP serves as the basis for our intro, outro, and Shout-out Spotlight, and we're using it under a Creative Commons: By Attribution License.

    Thinking Music by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

    Original video:
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  2. Pilot: You Can Run a Whole Freudian Campaign — Troika w/ David Wilkie by Text to Table • A podcast on Anchor

    In this first episode, David Wilkie a.k.a. Anxiety Wizard shares his experiences running Troika.  We discuss the role of the game's colourful character archetypes in framing play, how the skill system helps you focus your campaign, swap RPG war stories, and David tells you how he learned to stop worrying and eat a crown. Contains foul language.

    Get Troika: In print | In PDF

    David's blog, ANXIETY WIZARD

    Thirty-Six Stranger Chambers

    Soul Muppet Publishing

    House of Dogs

    Ramanan Sivaranjan's Save vs. Total Party Kill

    Questing Beast's Interview with Sam Mamelli

    Alex's blog, To Distant Lands

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  3. Podcast Special: Night in the Woods (2017) with Tevis Thompson - Can’t Stop the Movies{“@context”:”https:\/\/”,”@type”:”Person”,”url”:”http:\/\/\/”,”sameAs”:[“https:\/\/\/CantStopTheMovies”,”https:\/\/twi

    Author and critic Tevis Thompson (Second Quest, The Existential Art) joins me for a discussion on Night in the Woods. We talk about playing Night in the Woods in the age of Trump, the exhilaration of platforming, Mae's "problematic" reputation, and the challenge of making literal existential threats.

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