Return Of By The Numbers #116

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Timestamps By AliceTheAlchemist 0:01:57 Twitch not prioritizing the take-down of viewbotting and scam streams 0:07:09 Sponsor shoutout ( 0:08:02 No, you are not in a simulation, Astralis did sign JUGi from North 0:13:10 Blast contemplates player swaps mid-match 0:15:03 Pentagrams with Richard and Thorin 0:15:51 Nikolai Nyholm’s deceptive long term ploy with Astralis in esports 0:40:03 Kjaerbye sucker-punched by Fer’s brother (Finally confirmed story on fer’s stream) 0:45:34 Smooth transition to Pimp and his abuse from the idiotic witch-hunting mob on Reddit 1:03:15 The more sinister elements of social media and internet 1:25:52 The exodus of shit players leaving for Valorant 1:36:23 Yay (former Orgless player) and his twitlonger about why pros are moving to Valorant ( 1:52:01 Patron Questions

1:52:44 ReykjavikOnSteam Q: which pro has both the highest peaks and lowest troughs?

1:55:28 Koekenpen Q: At the end of the last BTN, Richard said esports is built on a foundation of lies and deceit. Is there a way to fix it, is it too late or will i…

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