FaZe Issues, NiKo moving to IGL And The Boston Major | Richard Lewis interviews Karrigan

Richard Lewis sits down with one of the best minds in CSGO and Mousesports’ IGL Finn ‘Karrigan’ Andersen. The duo discusses Astralis, FaZe and Mousesports, NiKo Becoming An IGL And The Boston Major and much more below:

Timestamps: 0:37 Asian Championships. 6:20 Development of Mousesports, Ropz, Woxic, Frozen. 15:24 Mousesports fans = Arsenal Fans. 17:32 What made you choose Mouz despite your other offers, originally Oskar, Sunny and Ropz were not interested. 20:19 Consideration of going to NA. 21:41 Faze, what happened in the lead up to the change, the team losing trust in and questioning calls mid-game, being dropped. 26:04 Niko becoming the IGL. 28:48 Olof, if you could go back would you have benched him until he could have worked through his issues entirely? 33:39 The Boston Major final. 38:19 How the team took the loss. 40:37 Losing Katowice 2018. 42:24 Astralis, Kjaerbye joining, how the team relationship broke down. 49:25 Kjaerbye’s reputation, was he difficult to work with? 51:52 Zonic, working together and the role he played whilst you were there. 54:32 Any regrets leaving Astralis when you did? 56:47 What’s next?

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