MTG IPG: Unsporting Conduct

NOTE: There was an error in the editing of one of the files. It has been fixed now, but if you downloaded or subscribed before the fix, you may need to get the new version. It was section 2, GPE. Sorry…

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Magic Infraction Procedure Guide, or simply brush up on it? Do you find yourself without the time to read the document itself? Would you prefer to hear me read it aloud to you in audio book format, so you are free to do other things while listening?

If you answered “yes!”, I have great news. I have recorded the current (as of Feb. 2014) version of the IPG as an audio book.

This was done as a favor to a judge who wanted to be able to study the IPG while knitting, but I thought one or two other people out there might find it interesting or useful.

If you want to subscribe to this (and maybe future rules audio books?) you can use this handy link to the RSS feed:

Or, you can get the mp3 files here:IPG-IntroductionIPG-1-PhilosophyIPG-2-GPEIPG-3-TEIPG-4-UC

I did not bother reading the “Quick Reference” section, or the “Changes from previous versions” section. That would have been weird…