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  1. Neal Stephenson: Sci-Fi, Space, Aliens, AI, VR & the Future of Humanity | Lex Fridman Podcast #240

    Neal Stephenson is a sci-fi writer (Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and new book Termination Shock), former Chief Futurist at Magic Leap and first employee of Blue Origin. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Mizzen+Main: and use code LEX to get $35 off - InsideTracker: and use code Lex25 to get 25% off - Athletic Greens: and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil - Grammarly: to get 20% off premium - ExpressVPN: and use code LexPod to get 3 months free

    EPISODE LINKS: Neal's Twitter: Neal's Website: Termination Shock (book): Snow Crash (book): Cryptonomicon (book): The Diamond Age (book): Seveneves (book): The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 1 (book): Innovation Starvation (article):

    PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: Full episodes playlist:

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  2. Podcast #448: Your Son Isn’t Lazy — How to Empower Boys to Succeed | The Art of Manliness

    Do you have a teenage boy who struggles in school? Or do you have a younger son who you can imagine struggling in school as he gets older? He may be an otherwise capable young man, but seems apathetic and unmotivated, to the point you think he’s not excelling simply because he’s lazy. My guest …

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  3. The $100 Backpacking Challenge

    Can you go on a backpacking trip without spending over $100? That was the challenge laid forth by Drew Prindle from Digital Trends and Nicole Raney from own The Manual. They spent a night in the woods of Oregon, placing their priorities on different items, learning a lot along the way. What kind of sleeping bag should you get? What about a backpack? How can you possibly survive on such a small amount? Along with tips for everyone, they cover their entire, hilarious, and informative experience, on this episode.


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  4. Longmont Potion Castle 10 (FULL ALBUM)

    I hereby declare myself as the very first person to upload a full LPC album on Youtube. You're welcome. TRACK LIST: 01. Fog Machine 0:00 02. Lamb Dilemma 2:28 03. Deiter's Heat 7:37 04. Liquor Outlet 11:45 05. Interloper's Probation 13:59 06. LPC 10 Medley 1 21:52 07. 3-Way Melee 29:16 08. Turtle Pleasure 35:53 09. LPC 10 Medley 2 41:36 10. Neighbor Noise 49:07 11. LPC 10 Theme 54:09 12. President Hater 58:33 13. Greetlings 1:01:55 14. Catfish 1:05:35 15. Music School 1:14:35 16. LPC 10 Interlude 1:16:17 I didn't include the bonus tracks I am also planning on uploading all the other LPC albums if this gets some views.

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  5. What EXACTLY are Valve up to? RYAN SIPES thinks he knows… | The Linux Gamer

    Follow Ryan on Twitter: Check out Thunderbird:

    You can find me on these socials: Liberapay: Patreon: Merch: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook:

    You can email me at gardiner-at-heavyelement-dot-io

    Common questions: What distro do you use? On my office PC I use Ubuntu 17.10 with the stylish Pop! theme by System76.

    On my Steam Machine I now run Ubuntu 16.04 with the Steam Compositor and nomodeswitch packages installed. (This is because later versions of Ubuntu have PIE enabled by default which prevents me from using Dolphin)

    What do you use to edit your videos? Audio editing: Ocenaudio Video editing: KdenLive

    What are your machines specs? Office Rig: AMD Ryzen 7 1800x, Nvidia GTX 970 4GB (temporary), 16 GB RAM, Ubuntu 17.10

    Steam Machine: Intel Core i7 at 3.8 GHz, Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, 12 GB RAM, Ubuntu 16.10 w/ Steam Compositor

    Backup Rig: Intel Core i5 at 3.4 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, Ubuntu 17.10

    Server: AMD FX 6300 at 3.5 GHz, Nvidia GTX 750 1GB, and 8 GB RAM, Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

    Funky Choon (a.k.a. The Linux Gamer Theme Song) by Brothers Nylon http…

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  6. danah boyd SXSW EDU Keynote | What Hath We Wrought?

    danah boyd's SXSW EDU keynote, What Hath We Wrought?, takes a powerful look at media literacy, the widespread consumption of fake news and the cultural implications of media manipulation. Visit to learn more about SXSW EDU and subscribe to SXSW EDU on YouTube for more great videos

    More on this video:

    What Hath We Wrought?

    A decade ago, we imagined a world of participatory culture where youth would be empowered to actively and strategically use technology. Through peer/self-learning and formal education, young people have developed a well-informed understanding of the world through social media. However, this participatory culture can be unhealthy, cruel, and socially devastating. In this talk, I’ll explore unintended consequences of efforts to empower youth, media manipulation and literacy, polarization, and other issues.

    danah boyd is the founder and president of Data & Society, a research institute focused on understanding the role of data-driven technologies in society. She is also a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and a Visiting Professor at New York University. Her research is focused on addressing social and cultural inequities by understanding the relationship between technology and society. Her most recent b…

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